7 Steps to Becoming the Chewbacca Mom of Social Media Live Video

Did we hook you with that title? If so, we’re using the famous post-viral video Chewbacca Mom (also known as Candace Payne) as an expression of everything that works for live video, even for businesses. In her now famous four minutes of giggling, Candace accomplishes four essential things that can translate directly from consumer video to branded marketing message.

Candace Payne in all her Wookiee-clad glory (via Jon Deak)

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Social Media Specialist
Shelby Bake is a social media copywriter with a background in web writing, email marketing, and digital content strategy. She has worked with clients in various industries, including insurance, health, and food.

Social Media Exposure – Should You Pay for It or Just Give Up?

In the “good old days” of social media, it seemed so easy.

Your company could create a page on Facebook or a profile on Twitter and you had a digital megaphone to help you reach fans, followers, and potential customers anywhere in the world.

Times have changed.

There has been great moaning and gnashing of teeth over how difficult it’s become for companies to reach their fans on platforms like Facebook. Some businesses feel duped, like the victims of a bait-and-switch. They worked hard to build an audience, maybe they even paid to get people to “Like” their pages, but now their posts are only reaching a fraction of those people.

Should you pay for social media exposure? The short answer is “yes.”

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Content Marketing Specialist
Kasey Steinbrinck has been creating content since he was just a little kid, writing stories and making radio shows on his Fisher Price tape recorder. He went on to produce local television and wrote for an area newspaper before discovering the power of telling stories online. Kasey worked as a content marketer, blogger, and copywriter for two ecommerce companies before joining Element in 2015.

How Your Business Can Rock on Instagram

We have certainly become a picture-taking obsessed culture haven’t we? It’s all thanks to social media where Instagram is king of image sharing.

Every day I can go online and see hundreds of photos from friends and family.  And with each snapshot, I get a tiny look at life through their eyes.

For example, yesterday, I know my friend Nikki had a delicious salad for lunch. I saw my cousin Lindsey went hiking in Colorado, and my friend Joe’s two-year old went potty like a big boy for the very first time. (As a parent, I know how exciting this moment can be. But hey Joe, I think this one qualifies as a social media overshare!)

Smartphones bring out the photographer in all of us. Photography and social media just go together, like peanut butter and jelly.

Instagram is a social media platform rooted in smartphone photography. Hardly the new kid on the block, Instagram launched in 2010 as a trendy app for iOS and it wasn’t long before everyone wanted it.

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Director of Public Relations
A self-decribed chatterbox, it’s rumored that Tara was born with a phone in her hand. It was only a natural that she ended up in the marketing communications industry. With more than 12 years of industry experience, Tara specializes in campaign strategy, planning, publicity, and content marketing. In addition to socializing with just about anyone, Tara enjoys running, yoga, and watching her beloved Wisconsin Badgers. She also appreciates the occasional quiet weekend at home cooking and relaxing with her husband Ryan and daughter Julia.