The Automation Advantage: Do You Know Who’s Visiting Your Website?

Back on Valentine’s Day, Major League Baseball pitchers and catchers reported for spring training, which got me thinking. I’m a huge baseball fan, and always make time to go to at least a few Brewers games each season, while I listen to and watch hundreds more. I’m excited about the possibility for Andrew Susac, who came over to Milwaukee from the San Francisco Giants last year, to win the starting catcher’s role.

Imagine what it’s like to be given your shot to make a major-league roster. Everything you do is being watched closely by your fellow players, coaches, and management. The choices you make daily are a risk, and knowing what to do in each situation is critical – what pitch to recommend, whether to try to throw out a base stealer, picking up on opposing hitters’ tendencies. It takes a lot of preparation and work.

Just like professional baseball players, modern sales teams are under huge pressure to perform. Producing on deadline, hunting for new leads, presenting, making cold calls and sending emails. Figuring out the best use of their time on any given day can be a real challenge. Without the right intelligence, this can boil down to guesswork. They need more and better information on leads and prospects, and they expect Marketing to supply it. But what’s the best way to gather this kind of detail in a timely fashion, and make it accurate enough to be actionable? The tools you use today won’t cut it.

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Content Marketing Analyst
Marcus Sanford has worked in marketing and communications for 17+ years, driving success for hundreds of clients in the financial services, small business, healthcare, manufacturing and non-profit/advocacy spaces.

Element Designer Series: Q&A with Graphic Designer Jenna Garvin

The month of February is upon us and we’re continuing our Designer Series with a hand-lettered creation by none other than our graphic designer, Jenna Garvin.

With a passion for patterns and a soft spot for art history, Jenna’s hand-drawn creation marries classic typography with composition and skill for an inspiring, eye-catching design.

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Element’s 2017 Design Trend Report

Impacted by culture, technology, and media, design trends continuously ebb and flow. As we round out the first month of a new year, we are identifying some of the popular trends in the design world for 2017.

Design trends don’t turn on a dime in the timespan of just one year. In fact, many of last year’s trending designs are still being applied today. Despite the carryover on some of this year’s design trends, it’s evident more companies are looking to simplify the user experience and are saying more by featuring less.

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Creative Director

Get the Download on Element’s Newest Web Developer, Amanda Jackson

We are excited to welcome Amanda Jackson, Element’s newest web developer to the team. With a background in website design and development, Amanda works to improve the function of existing websites and researches new platforms and frameworks to give our clients the best interactive resources available.

We caught up with Amanda to learn about her love for website development, what it takes to learn a new platform, and just how her Neopets are doing!

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Hit Your Target! Using the Right B2B Strategy to Reach an Audience

More Wisconsin businesses are starting to see the value in reaching their target audience through content marketing. That means creating articles, videos, graphics, and all sorts of media designed to draw attention to your company and establish your expertise on a given topic.

However, any company that jumps right into content marketing without a plan is making a huge mistake. There’s much more to it than setting up a blog and getting on social media.

Strategy is at the core of any marketing effort. Without the right strategy, it doesn’t matter what you do, it’s unlikely your efforts will grow your business in any significant way.

So, where do you start?

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Principal/Agency Director

Element Employees Showcase Their Unique Talents!

Creative design and marketing isn’t all we’re good at here at Element. In fact, our employees possess a wealth of talents to share with the world! This month, we’re taking time to highlight some of our employees’ unique talents outside of the workplace.

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5 Things You Should Know about Jenna Garvin, Element’s Newest Graphic Designer

Element would like to give a big warm welcome to our newest graphic designer, Jenna Garvin! Jenna comes from an extensive design background, most recently working as an account manager for a social media agency in the Fox Valley. Prior to that, she was an in-house designer for Sendik’s Food Market, a Milwaukee-based grocery store chain.

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Content Marketing – How to Write Like an Expert for Any Industry

One of the most common client concerns we get when launching a new content marketing program is, “How are you going to write for us? You don’t know anything about our industry.”

It’s a legitimate question to ask. They’re wondering if a copywriter, digital marketer, or maybe even a blogger who doesn’t work in your industry can really write complicated content and explain technical topics.

Doubting an advertising agency’s ability to represent the expertise of your company is understandable. However, when it’s done right, you’ll end up with relevant, highly-targeted content marketing campaigns that help you reach your business goals.

Here’s a look at how Element’s content marketing teams takes on the challenge.

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Content Marketing Specialist
Kasey Steinbrinck has been creating content since he was just a little kid, writing stories and making radio shows on his Fisher Price tape recorder. He went on to produce local television and wrote for an area newspaper before discovering the power of telling stories online. Kasey worked as a content marketer, blogger, and copywriter for two ecommerce companies before joining Element in 2015.

A Second Element Office? That’s Party Worthy!

As Element’s most notable décor item, I, the unofficial Element spokes-moose, hang out and watch the creative magic happen every day. At least I thought I was seeing it all. Turns out, part of the crew is now in Neenah at a second Element office, and they had quite a shindig last night.

The open house was enjoyed by clients, friends, and various Fox Valley community members. There was food, music, and an official toast by our Agency Director Lance Peroutka using Final Proof, Element’s very own craft beer! (If you haven’t heard about Final Proof, click here.)

I’m always up for a good party, but my question was, “Why a second office?” Simply put our De Pere office is maxed out. Plus, with so many clients in the Fox Valley, as well as employees living thereabouts, it made sense to grow further south.

The crew is loving downtown Neenah thus far, and friends are always welcome to visit 126-1/2 W. Wisconsin Avenue. Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate. For those of you who couldn’t attend, here are some photos documenting the frolic and frenzy that took place.

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The Unofficial Element Spokes-Moose
Canuck is a surprisingly intelligent and humorous character that could talk your ear off. He loves life, learning new things and, most of all, sharing new insight with people. He’s adjusted well since emigrating to the U.S. from Canada and settling down at Element. In fact, he’s taken strongly to blogging about marketing, branding, social media, and the Element office happenings. He’s still very loyal to his homeland, insisting that hockey is the only real-man’s sport, pancakes are acceptable at any meal, and Canadian beer is superior to the swill made everywhere else.

Emma Nelson Explains How to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

Feeling a little more “Bah-humbug” than Joy to the World right now? No worries, we’ve got just the person to help.

Emma Nelson joined Element this fall as a content marketing specialist, but she’s also our in-house expert on the holidays.

A native of Rhinelander, she recently moved back to Wisconsin from Colorado where she was working as a freelance writer for a variety of clients, from horse supplement makers and financial planners to magazines for baby boomers.

We quickly learned that Emma loves the holiday season, Christmastime in particular. So we thought it would be a great idea to let her cheer up the Grinches and Scrooges out there this time of year.

If the holidays feel like a drag and your life’s a little too hectic, Emma’s attitude will help you get some jingle back in your bells.

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