Element Cinemagraph Showcase Series: Cruising Along with Element’s Newest Graphic Designer

Pokémon aspirations and clown cars and popping balloons, oh my! To kick off the second cinemagraph in our series (and to welcome our newest graphic designer), we sat down with Victoria Bates to learn all about outrageous styles and her life as a Snorlax.

Q: We’ve heard you’re pretty into Pokémon … If you were a Pokémon, which one would you be and why?

Victoria Bates: We’d all like to be Charizard or Pikachu, but in the end I’d have to fess up to being a Snorlax. It’s essentially a giant cat that loves to eat and sleep, and I find that extremely relatable.

Q: You’ve got a pretty sweet ride sitting in the parking lot. Why is your MINI Cooper your car spirit animal?

V: I love MINI Coopers since they’re small, zippy, and a dream to park. It surprisingly holds a lot in it too, so I like to think of it as my sporty clown car.

Q: What are your favorite tunes to have on the radio when you’re cruising down the highway in your MINI?

V: Nothing makes me feel faster while cruising than popping in Mumford & Sons, or basically anything where there’s a lot of angry guitar strumming and fast banjo picking.

Q: What is the best part of being a designer?

V: Sharing “The Look” (that look being one of cringing horror) with a fellow designer when seeing a very questionable ad.

Q: Where did you get inspiration for your cinemagraph?

Check out the live cinemagraph on our Facebook page.

V: I love the aesthetic of silver foil balloons – the charm, the glamour, the shininess – it all just screams New Year’s.

Beautiful! This concept would be a great strategy to capture attention on social media or as a banner ad!

Q: What is your favorite NYE tradition?

V: Hardcore, it’s dressing up because a lot of styles that are too outrageous for the rest of the year are perfect for that night!

Q: How does this cinemagraph fit your designer style?

V: Again, the shininess jumps out at me. I love incorporating metallic colors or something with a shine in a design if I can. And, it’s nice to see it becoming a huge trend in packaging and home décor.

Q: Were any balloons popped in the making of this cinemagraph?

V: One out of four! But every photoshoot needs a little drama, and we luckily had an understudy.

We love your sparkle, Victoria! We’re happy to have you on the team.

Canuck MooseThe Unofficial Element Spokes-Moose
Canuck is a surprisingly intelligent and humorous character that could talk your ear off. He loves life, learning new things and, most of all, sharing new insight with people. He’s adjusted well since emigrating to the U.S. from Canada and settling down at Element. In fact, he’s taken strongly to blogging about marketing, branding, social media, and the Element office happenings. He’s still very loyal to his homeland, insisting that hockey is the only real-man’s sport, pancakes are acceptable at any meal, and Canadian beer is superior to the swill made everywhere else.