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Element Takes on an Intern (gasp!)

Canuck Moose

Unofficial Element Spokes-Moose

Intern. The word can make many businesses apprehensive, evoking images of desperate college students looking to bulk up their resumes. Monica Lewinsky comes to mind.

This summer, the Element team has decided to test itself with the likes of college student Taylor Maccoux. An upcoming senior at Lawrence University, Maccoux pursues English, Spanish, and linguistics (languages, not noodles) and has a fierce hatred for grammatical errors.

She gallivanted around Europe this past spring, studying in London and working at Blue Tomato, a food news and restaurant review publication, where she ate a superfluous amount of good food in exchange for a bit of writing.

Outside of work, Maccoux squandered her per diem in beer gardens and chocolate shops throughout Spain, Austria, Belgium, and Scotland. This world traveler can weasel a free drink out of any unsuspecting foreigner. But now, she has returned to the Green Bay area with hopes to stay.

Element will take an even bigger hit when the team realizes that Maccoux is underage. As she is yet too young to enjoy the office’s beer on tap, the company’s dynamic will certainly experience a shakeup. Only this summer will tell.