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Get Artsy with Element’s New Senior Creative Director

Give a warm welcome to our newest elemental–Kelly Fisher! The University of Wisconsin-Stout alumna has excelled in the creative industry, and with 25 years of experience under her belt, especially in business to consumer markets, she brings a fresh perspective to Element.

Kelly’s impressive portfolio includes Good Humor-Breyers, Prevea, Nesco, and Vitamin World. Because of her extensive experience, she’s able to jump right into the agency without skipping a beat. The creative juices (and coffee) run through her veins, so we knew she’d be a strong addition to the Element family. Get to know our newest hidden gem.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at Element?

Kelly: I have kept tabs on Element from afar, and I was impressed how it has evolved into a leading creative, integrated agency, so I was thrilled that they asked me to join. Coming from the corporate world, I look forward to the variety of brands I get to work with and the creative problem-solving that comes with it. I am also excited to collaborate with the teams here at Element as I was blown away by how talented they all are!

Q: How has web, digital, and social media changed the way we design?

K: It has been a whirlwind as these outlets have muddied the waters with all brands vying to get noticed. This makes design as important as ever, as it needs to be based on strong, strategic concepts and great creative that is on-target.

Q: What do you love most about working in a creative field?

K: The problem-solving! Creatively, I think through the concepts and make sure they have legs … where can we go with this, how will this carry across social media, how can this be incorporated on the website, etc.

Q: How do you bust creator’s block?

K: I go out for a run, and I usually catch myself having a one-way conversation.

Q: You’ve worked with some big B2C brands. What fuels your design strategy to make your work stand out in the crowd?

K: I would say creative clarity … a great concept is easy to design.

Q: What are some steps you take to make a strong design concept before hitting the drawing board?

K: I start by being overly curious, and I get to know the brand. Then I get strategic and fine-tune the goals and objectives. I then place myself into the target audience. What would reach me … what would make it stand out and be relevant? Every brand should have a story … how do I tell their story? Am I being authentic in the messaging and design? Who is the brand competing against? Current trends are always top of mind, but it should be a natural fit for the brand. Creative clarity in my design is also key as attention spans are short, so it’s important to be concise, smart, and creative!

We were blown away by Kelly’s strategic design process and how she places herself into the target audience, but we wanted to put it to the test. It’s crucial to understand audiences of all kind, so when Kelly mentioned that she sees bears on her way to work, we used this Buzzfeed quiz to test her ability to put herself into a bear’s “shoes.”

buzzfeed quiz

Understanding target audiences? Check! Welcome to the team, Kelly!

Katie BiersachPublic Relations Account Coordinator
Element’s public relations account coordinator is a recent grad and joined the team in 2018. She’s a huge fan of food, Netflix, and pups. Follow her on Twitter to stay up to date with her shenanigans: @katiebiersach.