March 15, 2017

Marcus Sanford, Element’s New Content Marketing Analyst, By the Numbers

Element has been producing a lot of content for clients lately. At last count, we’ve reached roughly two bazillion people with our digital marketing programs in the past year.

And, that’s why we’re excited to welcome Marcus Sanford to the team as our new Content Marketing Analyst. He’s charged with telling the story behind all the data produced by our campaigns, turning raw numbers into business insights, and creating a 360° look at our clients’ marketing efforts. He also crafts our Marketing Automation solutions and manages CRM integration.

As a recent transplant to the upper Midwest (he’s been here seven years now), Marcus feels like he’s now part Texan and part Wisconsinite. Rumor has it that when he moved here from Austin he didn’t even own a coat. Now he has one for every day of the week. Texas and Wisconsin are different, for sure, but they also have a few things in common. Here’s a chart to illustrate:

More Wisconsin Or More Texas?

Speaking of numbers, here are a few that show why we’re glad to have Marcus on our team:


That’s the number of years Marcus has worked exclusively in marketing and communications, representing organizations in diverse industries, including financial services, enterprise software, non-profits, healthcare, and transportation. He’s brought success to companies ranging in size from tiny startups to the Fortune 1000.

His first job out of college was nuts and it’s just gotten more interesting from there. In his last gig, he held several interactive and content marketing positions for a major financial software company, and before that worked for a manufacturer in the Fox Valley.


At this age, Marcus started coding, typing in programs from BYTE magazine. It took approximately forever to save them to cassette tape (no, really) after they were done.

Yes, he passed the nerd quiz:

Nerd Quiz


Year Marcus started working on website projects, and not so coincidentally the year the commercial web really took off. And yeah, his first website did have an ugly repeating brick background and gratuitous use of the BLINK tag.

Under Construction Vintage Web Gif
At least it didn’t have one of these.


Area of the state of Oklahoma Marcus covered as an Apple technician in the 90’s, fixing computers in K-12 education. He spent his days trying not to get electrocuted by old-school CRT monitors while being stared down by eight-year-olds.


Years Marcus spent living without a car. On purpose. An avid commuter cyclist, he got around almost entirely by bike, and served on the City of Austin’s Bicycle Advisory Council.

Speaking of cyclists and beer…

8 Hours

Length of a spontaneous Grand Canyon hike he dragged his friends on, only to find out that A) hiking is a lot easier when you bring food, and B) it’s a heck of a lot harder to hike back up the canyon than to head down.


How many times groups Marcus worked for earned “Best of Austin” awards from the Austin Chronicle. It’s also the number of degrees he holds – a BA in Advertising and an MBA in Marketing and Management Information Systems.


Number of weird t-shirts in Marcus’ closet, promoting everything from obscure baseball teams (go El Paso Chihuahuas!) to graphic design mottos (The Grass is Always Greener… When You Crank Up the Saturation).

Dogtor Shirt At
A recent find…


Unique monthly visitors to Marcus’ former cycling blog, Austin On Two Wheels.

4th Grade

When Marcus first got his first taste of marketing and sales, buying up bulk pens and pencils from Sam’s Club and reselling them at a profit to his classmates – undercutting the school store. Turns out the principal wasn’t too happy about that.


Ingredients in Marcus’ “New Mexico style” chili recipe. Ask him for it!

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