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Introducing Element’s Newest Account Executives: Meet Katie and Kimberly

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We’re extremely excited about everything that’s coming up in 2016. There will be new projects, new challenges, and new faces!

Two of those new faces joined us earlier this month as account executives: Katie Braun and Kimberly Uelmen.

Allow us to tell you a little about these two talented ladies, what they bring to the table, and what they’re really like.

Katie Braun, Element Account Executive
Katie Braun, Element Account Executive

Most recently, Katie Braun created the marketing department for Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists of Green Bay where she worked for three years. She has served as Marketing and Public Relations Chair for Current, the Green Bay Chamber’s young professionals network, and worked as a media marketing executive for WLUK/WCWF in the Green Bay television market.

Katie is also the regional director for myTEAM TRIUMPH in Northeast Wisconsin. myTEAM TRIUMPH is an organization that enriches the lives of disabled individuals by getting them involved in endurance sports.

You should also know that Katie loves penguins, hates the sound of other people chewing, and has saved every greeting card she’s ever received.

“There is something about the handwriting of your loved ones that I can’t part with,” she says.

Kimberly Uelmen, Element Account Executive
Kimberly Uelmen, Element Account Executive

Kimberly Uelmen spent the last few years before joining Element as Communications Director for the Pulaski School District. That role involved everything from media and community relations to social media and crisis management. She even served as editor-in-chief of the school newspaper and coached a little volleyball.

Kimberly has also been involved with marketing and social media at organizations like Cellcom and UW-Stevens Point, where she launched the university’s YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.

But what you really need to know about Kimberly is that she never goes by any sort of nickname. No Kim, Kimber, or Kimmy allowed.

“It’s Kimberly – all three syllables, not shortened…ever! You’ll get used to it, I promise,” Kim-ber-ly explains.

More importantly, Kimberly sings in polka bands! She is from Pulaski after all. Check her out with the New Generation Polka band singing a polka-version of “Greased Lightning” at Pulaski’s Polka Days!

New Employees and Their 2016 New Year’s Resolutions via BuzzFeed

Just for fun, we asked Katie and Kimberly to take a BuzzFeed personality test to find out what their 2016 New Year’s Resolution should be.

Here are their results with comments on whether or not BuzzFeed has them figured out.

Katie Braun – Start a New Exercise

What BuzzFeed said:

Don’t get us wrong. The bed is our live-in lover too. But this year, look up a fun exercise class to try out, to mix things up a little.

What Katie said:

Well… I don’t disagree. I wouldn’t say starting a new exercise is my New Year’s Resolution exactly, it is already a pretty big part of my life. But, I did make a big fitness goal in 2016 – completing my first full marathon. So unfortunately, no new Jazzercise class for me this year.

Kimberly Uelmen – Spend More Time with Friends

What BuzzFeed said:

You love your friends, but life just gets in the way sometimes. Maybe you’ve been flaking a little more than usual, or maybe organizing meet-ups has just been slipping your mind. Or maybe you’ve been killing it with your squad and you should just keep on killing it! Either way, it’s time to reassemble the dream team.

What Kimberly said:

I totally agree with this resolution, even though it’s not much of a resolution because I already do this quite often. I love life, and it’s even better with friends in it! Being social makes me thrive, and I look forward to a year filled with creating memories and sharing laughs with my friends, who are the family I have chosen for my life. 

Welcome aboard Kimbery and Katie! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2016.

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