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Taking Care Of Business: Meet Lisa Gaupp – Element’s Latest Hire

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If we could sum up our 2016 plans for Element in just one word – it would definitely be growth.

You may have noticed that we’re adding quite a few people to our team these days. We know our latest addition is going to help us grow even more as we begin helping new clients achieve their advertising and marketing goals.

Lisa Gaupp joined Element’s staff as Director of Business Development this month. She’ll be our road warrior, heading out of the office to make new connections and tell the world what we can do.

Previously, Lisa had a similar role with BrandDirections in Neenah. Before that, she worked for recognizable companies like Thrivent Financial and Marriott where she’s been responsible for everything from sales to community relations.

In the short time we’ve worked with Lisa, it’s become quite apparent that she thrives on connecting businesses with marketing solutions to help them grow.

What You Really Need to Know About Lisa

Lisa Gaupp, Director of Business Development

So that’s the career stuff. But here at Element, we like to dig deeper and find out what our new teammates are really all about.

Here are 4 Facts About Lisa:

1. She’s a Native Wisconsinite

Lisa is a Fox Valley girl who graduated from Appleton East, and attended UW Stout for college. After spending some time living and working in Minnesota, she’s back on the right side of the Mississippi River where she belongs.

2. She Loves the Green Bay Packers and Live Music

Lisa told us if she were a ghost she’d choose to haunt Alpine Valley and Lambeau Field. Ghosts don’t have to worry about that everlasting season ticket waiting list. Pretty smart!

3. She’s an Award-Winning Soccer Player

Lisa’s 2nd grade soccer team won the Little Kickers championship. She still has the trophy and is ready if the 2016 U.S. Olympic team needs her help.

4. Her Sons Love Star Wars (So Does She)

Lisa’s kids dress as different Star Wars characters for Halloween each year. She’s even joined them, donning a Princess Leia costume. However, she points out that it’s the classy Princess Leia costume, not the Jabba the Hutt prisoner costume. That would be too chilly for a Wisconsin Halloween anyway.

But that did get us thinking…

What Star Wars character would Lisa actually be? We turned to Buzz Feed, a leader in the field of online personality tests, to get the answer.

As it turns out, Lisa’s personality seems to match up with a very different character…Darth Vader himself!

Lisa’s Buzz Feed Test Result


Strategic mastermind, loves to do the dirty work, throwing wookies, and breathing loudly – those are all qualities of a top-notch Business Development Director. Right?

Lisa seemed to find this result to be humorous.

“To my knowledge, I am not feared by many. LOL!  I have been known to play Jedi mind tricks on my husband to make him think my ideas were his ideas so he would agree to them….shhh don’t tell him!”

If you check out Lisa Gaupp’s LinkedIn profile, you’ll notice she does mention going to the “dark side” when she switched from the corporate world to the advertising agency side.

Looks like Lisa really does channel her inner Lord Vader.

Well, we aren’t sure how to feel about being compared to an evil galactic empire, Lisa. But one thing is for sure … We’re glad you’re on our team!

May the Force be with you all.

Have questions for Lisa? Email her at [email protected]. She’d love to hear from you, and she promises to leave her lightsaber at home.

Caution: Watch the video below at your own risk. You could have Star Wars music stuck in your head for the rest of the day.