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Element’s New Digital Media Guru is “Smart Glue”

Derek Blaszak

Director of Digital Marketing

Some people simply have a knack for pulling things together. Not just uniting two sides, but seeing how the details impact the big picture and knowing how to subtly control the situation for maximum effect. So, instead of Super Glue®, it’s more like “Smart Glue,” and Adam Bormann performs those duties on the Element team.

Officially, Adam is our paid digital media specialist, which basically means he uses quantitative data to make informed decisions about digital content. It takes a union of both left-brain and right-brain activities, taking into account long-term strategy.

Yet, even before he was connecting our clients’ digital performance to ROI, he was bringing things together. Adam’s UW-Green Bay education set the tone: a creative writing major backed by a love of technology. Post-graduation, he saw advertising as a way to link these two passions. He initially grabbed the eye of a Green Bay ad agency, learned the ropes quickly, and rose from copywriting intern to part time to full time in a flash.

Adam, again, brought together classic wordsmithing and contemporary communication (social media) when he added SEO training to his skillset (suggested by then coworker Joe Shockey, who is a coworker again here at Element … small world, huh?) Let’s discover how this force moves the needle for Element’s clients.

Question: How do your strengths come into play in your position at Element?

Adam: I enjoy writing copy that is both relevant and engaging. Some content has the sizzle (engaging), but it’s not informative (relevant) enough. Whereas other content reads like it was written by a machine that just learned a complex algorithm.

The power of digital is that it’s flexible. If an ad is underperforming, you can just turn it off and replace it with an ad that does better. You can also do some really interesting split testing with subtle variations in messaging among your different target audiences.

Q: Sounds fun. What are the biggest challenges of digital marketing?

A: Digital ad platforms are getting increasingly strict about what you can say and how you can say it. Working within character limits and other specs allows me to get good at bending the rules just enough without breaking them.

Plus, the lifespan of a digital ad is so short. It might be in someone’s mind for a few seconds, if that. You’re competing for people’s limited attention against huge brands from all over the world, so you have to be memorable, relevant, and get to the point!

Q: “Memorable, relevant, and to the point” sounds like a good personal mantra for you. What else do you do to stay connected?

A: I enjoy hanging out with friends, going to the movies, playing video games, getting drinks, etc. Those things are all better when you can share the experience; they’re great ways to unite people.

I spend a lot of time enjoying live music, too. It’s a way to connect with music in a more personal way than listening to a recording. I hit up at least a few music festivals every summer, and I’m not opposed to driving halfway across the country to see a band that I like.

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Listen to Adam’s “Top 10 Bands You Should Connect With In 2019” for a deep-dive into this human glue stick. Welcome to the team, Adam!