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Element’s Newest Graphic Designer is a Real “Wild One”

Mike Tessmer

Creative Director

Some people are content to live a safe, sedate, and comfortable life. Nothing wrong with that. However, others are a bit more … fiery.

Alex Pichette, Element’s newest talent-loaded graphic designer, mirrors one of the biggest hits by Jerry Lee Lewis, “Wild One.” Originally penned by Johnny O’Keefe and later covered by Iggy Pop (a legendary wild one), the song’s lyrics include:

C’mon baby, shake all night long

Shake it ‘til the meat comes off of the bone

Cuz I’m a wild one, oh yeah, I’m a wild one

Although our “wild one” prefers blues/alternative/soul musicians from Bon Iver to Jimi Hendrix (in addition to his own masterpieces; more on that later), Alex can also channel his energy into his professional life as a talent-loaded graphic designer. Let’s discover more about this high-intensity force.

Question: How did your graphic design journey lead you to Element, our agency?

Alex: In the eight years since graduating from the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay with a degree in art and visual design, I’ve worked at Northeast Wisconsin agencies and companies, all in a creative capacity. It’s been a rewarding professional path so far.

Q: You were born in Green Bay, schooled in Green Bay, and most of your work history is in Green Bay. Are you a homebody or what?

A: Far from it. One of the ways I get creatively inspired is by traveling, cycling, and exploring the wild outdoors, often camping and hiking in national parks. I also enjoy drawing, drinking coffee and beer (not usually at the same time), building things, and any hands-on work. All of these interests interact with each other to influence me in different ways, and they inspire me on a daily basis.

Q: Tell us more about your creative inspirations.

A: I’m heavily inspired by nature and architecture, and I enjoy channeling these stimuli into my work. Each creative interest plays a role in my development as a creative thinker. Whether collaboratively or individually, I take great pride in my work and find enormous satisfaction upon the completion of any project.

Q: You have one cool project that’s not yet complete. Tell us about your record.

A: One of my favorite forms of expression is writing music and playing guitar. I have an album in development called I’ll Be Where You Know, on which I perform my songs. I designed all the album graphics, and I used photography I took while in Canada. I hope to complete it by next fall.

creative album artwork

Take a look and listen to a rough cut of a song!

Q: What do you like most about working in a creative field?

A: I love the fact that I can be who I am as a person and an artist. The creators of the world need to create to feel fulfilled. I get to create every single day at work. Then, I go home and create some more!

I appreciate being able to cover a wide variety of different styles in my work. I love the free-form approach to design, but I understand not every client needs that aesthetic. So, I’m happy to supply super clean and simple designs, as well.

Q: So, any complaints or something you need to get off your chest?

A: Orange sucks. I know a professional designer shouldn’t be biased. But, orange doesn’t even rhyme with anything. Can’t use that in a song. It’s like the country music of colors.

As Jerry Lee would say, “Great Balls of Fire,” Alex! You are a feisty one.