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Old People Candy Offered By Upper-Middle-Aged Business Manager

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Unofficial Element Spokes-Moose

No wheelchair or blue hair required. Element’s Business Manager, Sue Barrett, is now set to offer the best selection of “old people candy” this side of the Fox River.shutterstock_42891820

Providing a delicious assortment of candy, set perfectly in a decorative lead crystal bowl, started as a way to entice coworkers to stop by her office as a distraction from her busy day. “I am so busy with opening each new project in two different computer programs that I hardly have time to interact with people,” stated Barrett. “It gets lonely sitting by myself with only my filing cabinets and the faint sound of Lance [Agency Principal] working quietly in the next office over.”

The idea came to Barrett one afternoon as she was randomly walking around her local Shopko trying to remember the reason why she needed to go there in the first place.

Barrett prides herself on the wide selection of her candy. “Werther’s Original is a classic, and who says those orange and black candies are just for Halloween?” She also rambled on, stating one cannot beat the delicious mouth-drying taste of a chalky after-dinner mint and that she makes sure a few Bit-O-Honey pieces are on hand at all times because people deserve something as sweet as they are. “Mary Janes are my absolute favorite though, there’s something about them that just makes me happy.”

Other options include butterscotch disks, unwrapped ribbon hard candy, and Necco Wafers. And if you look in her top desk drawer, you’ll find a hidden stash of candy cigarettes.