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We Put New PR Specialist, Chloe De Young, to the Test – Here’s What Happened

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Public relations can be a tough gig. Your client’s image and reputation are put into your hands, and they expect you to deliver results when it comes to media coverage, public awareness, event planning, and crisis management.

That’s why it’s important to have people like Chloe De Young on your side.

Chloe is Element’s new public relations specialist, joining PR Director Tara Brzozowski in serving our clients’ needs on everything from press releases and media plans to featured articles and influencer outreach.

Previously, Chloe’s worked for a Fox Valley ad agency and as in-house marketing specialist for HJ Martin & Son. She also volunteers for House of Hope in Green Bay through Touchdowns for Hope.

Since starting at our agency this summer, she supported her team in the Element Games by stuffing marshmallows in her mouth at an incredible rate.

But beyond her résumé, how are we so sure Chloe is good at what she does?

We decided to put her to the test.

Chloe responded to three hypothetical public relations scenarios with her strategy for handling some pretty extreme situations. So now you can see her in action!

Scenario #1: Promoting a Weird Product


Your client, the fictional B&B Jewelers, has just released a new selection for the fall season – Crystal Bacon. What’s your headline in the press release announcing this to the news media?

Chloe’s Response:

Can I start out by saying that I would wear the heck out of Crystal Bacon?

B&B Jewelers Introduces a New Kind of Bacon That Won’t go Right to Your Thighs: Consumers can now demonstrate their ode to bacon on the daily

Our Analysis:

As you can see, Chloe used the headline to grab attention and generate curiosity, which encourages the reader to get the rest of the story instead of tossing the press release in the trash.

She also capitalized on a common fear shared by bacon lovers of both genders … the potential to gain weight due to consumption of this popular meat product. Her headline makes this story attractive to fashion reporters, health reporters, and late-night talk show hosts alike.

Scenario #2: Twitter Crisis Management

Kanye West ate at your client’s upscale sushi restaurant, Saki-Tumi, last night. This morning, he’s attacking them on Twitter criticizing the food, the service, and the bathrooms. How do you react?

Chloe’s Response:


 Our Analysis:

Chloe nailed this one. While others would be afraid to even approach one of the most notorious celebrity troublemakers of all time, she took him on without hesitation.

If you’re unfamiliar with how the Kanye West/Taylor Swift feud began, watch this clip and you’ll see how Chloe boldly put Mr. West in his rightful place.

Our new public relations specialist also used a hilarious GIF and a relevant hashtag. Plus, if you’re keeping track at home, this was a perfectly composed 140-character tweet.

Scenario #3: Outrageous Event Planning

You’re in charge of public relations for the first-ever, consumer-friendly jetpack, the BackRocket. You’ve been tasked with organizing an event to create a buzz around the upcoming launch. Tell us what it would be like.

Chloe’s Response:

It’s safe to say this would be an outdoor event.

I’m seeing a jetpack obstacle course for attendees. Of course they would have to waive their lives away before attempting.

Jetpack Performances? Maybe Kanye would be interested.

A life-sized interactive timeline of the history of the jetpack.

BackRocket scientists would of course be “available for interviews”.

There would be some of this:


And a bouncy house.

Our Analysis:

A bouncy house is pretty much all you need to make any event successful.

Also, the Kanye West connection makes a lot of sense. At one point, he was associated with a feature film about The Jetsons, and you just know he’ll be one of the first people to buy a jetpack.

Well done, Chloe. You’ve passed the test with flying colors!

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