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Say Howdy to Element’s New Account Executive

Canuck Moose

Unofficial Element Spokes-Moose

We recently welcomed account executive, Jamie Mitchell, to the growing Element team. As a former Texan, Jamie brings a thirst for adventure, diverse marketing experience, and a lot of warm clothes. We caught up with Jamie to get the scoop on her never-ending vacation, backpacking blunders, and her key to keeping the edge.

You recently made the move from Texas back to Wisconsin, where you grew up. What will you miss most about Texas and what are you most excited for in Wisconsin?

Jamie: There are many things I will miss, but to list a few: the Texas Hill Country, Galveston Island, Texas State Parks, and the endless shopping and restaurant choices in Houston (particularly Tex-Mex). I will really miss my extended family and many great friendships I developed there over the past 17 years.

Now that I’m back in my home state, I’m extremely grateful to be able to spend more time with my WI family and look forward to fall weather again. I love the crisp, fresh air and changing colors. It’s a season I really missed. I also missed real string cheese and regularly televised Packer games.

You bring a lot of marketing experience in many departments – what is one thing you’ve learned along the way that has stuck with you?

J: Never be afraid to suggest a different approach or challenge the popular opinion. It’s when we become complacent with “the way things have always been done” that we start to lose the edge. Even if ideas don’t perform as well as anticipated, we now have that experience in our back pocket for the next time around. I think this holds true not only in our careers, but our personal lives as well.

Since you’re used to warmer weather, what will be your right-hand item come time for the Wisconsin winter?

J: Although I love skiing and snowmobiling, I’m not exactly looking forward to the brutal Wisconsin winters. When I’d come visit during the holidays, I never packed quite warm enough so, in anticipation of the move, I stocked up on some new SmartWool base layers, SOREL boots, and ski equipment. A result of previously working in the marketing department for a specialty sports and apparel store. I’m sure it will take me a few years to acclimate to the winters here again, but I doubt I’ll miss the sweltering Houston summers either.

You seem to be pretty adventurous – what’s the best adventure that you’ve been on?

J: One of my favorites is still the month-long backpacking trip I took around Western Europe with old college roommates. With our rail passes and Lonely Planet books and maps in hand (yes, this was before the dawn of smartphones), we picked destinations on the fly and slept in cheap hotels and hostels en route. There were a few mishaps along the way, like getting locked in a hotel, having our passports temporarily confiscated, and one of us leaving with a burst eardrum – but hey, it all added to the adventure.

Zip-lining 250 feet above the rain forest in Costa Rica is also high on the list.

Along those same lines, where does your dream vacation take place and what would you do there?

J: My dream vacation would be one that never ends! Seriously though, any place that has a great beach, scuba diving, or mountain biking would make me happy.

Picture this: You find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $10 million. What would you do?

J: Well, ignoring my conscience (because we all know the rightful owner of the ticket could never truly be identified, right?), I’d first invest a large portion, collect some additional assets, pay off some debt, set up trust funds for my kids, and help out some family members. Once that has all been taken care of, I’d travel, travel, travel. First-class of course.

Now, for some reason, I feel the need to get a spreadsheet going to really plan out my strategy. Wishful thinking. If I really had ten million bucks, I could hire someone to do that for me.

We love your spirit and organization, Jamie! Welcome to the team.

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