Are You Following The Three Rules of Buyer Education?

Today’s buyers don’t want to hear from you until they say so. That’s why, at Element, we preach the gospel of permission-based marketing. The content marketing programs we run on behalf of our clients aim to ease buyers along the journey to purchase with the right materials at the right time. We’re successful when customers get what they need to inform themselves, decide our client is the solution, and, only then, initiate contact. Information is the oil that keeps the modern buying process running. And, make no mistake: buyers are in charge, not you. If you aren’t providing a great buyer education experience, someone else will.

To help your customers learn about your brand, culture, products and services, follow the three rules of buyer education: Continue reading Are You Following The Three Rules of Buyer Education?

Content Marketing Analyst
Marcus Sanford has worked in marketing and communications for 17+ years, driving success for hundreds of clients in the financial services, small business, healthcare, manufacturing and non-profit/advocacy spaces.