Fresh Faces at Element: Welcome Jamie and Kasey to the Team

We’re growing fast at Element! There are a couple of new faces around here and we’re excited for you to meet them.

Jamie Weidman and Kasey Steinbrinck joined us in the midst of the holiday season. They’re already settled into their roles and getting stuff done.

Jamie is our new production/traffic coordinator. We have a lot of clients, projects, and deadlines to juggle. Think of Jamie as our master juggler. She’ll be helping us stay organized and on task, balancing workloads and making sure we work smart – not stupid.

Before Element, Jamie worked at Independent Studios in Milwaukee where she held a similar role as assistant studio manager. She’s passionate about all things pop culture, even the Pixar movies her three-year-old daughter watches over and over and over again.

While Jamie’s great at being organized and efficient, she’s got a major creative side too. She’s dabbles in filmmaking, photography and screenwriting.

Kasey Steinbrinck is joining our team as a content marketing specialist. He’s produced lots of different content over the years – from newscasts and radio programming to blog posts and YouTube videos.

Kasey started working in traditional media as a TV news producer in Green Bay and an entertainment reporter for the Appleton newspaper. He’s also helped produce the local late-night television show Chiller Theatre with Ned the Dead and launched the Wisconsin-themed arts and culture website,

Most-recently, Kasey worked as an in-house digital marketer and copywriter for two different fast-growing eCommerce companies. He’s looking forward to coming up with all sorts of ideas for Element’s content marketing clients.

Find out more about Jamie and Kasey below…

Meet Jamie Weidman

Jamie Headshot Element

What kind of music would you use for the soundtrack of your life?

80’s and 90’s R&B Music (Michael Jackson, En Vogue, BBD) for my younger years, Death Cab For Cutie for my college years, and the Animals and Doors for my late 20’s. I’m newly 30 so its probably going to be Kenny G from here on out.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

To stop time. Then when my alarm goes off at 6am I could freeze time. Sleep in. Wake up naturally. Get myself showered etc. then unfreeze time and its still 6am and I’m set for the day!

You just invented a time machine. Where do you go first?

Hmm… Time travel terrifies me. I am a full believer in the butterfly effect and Doc’s theory that if I run into myself I’ll create a massive calamity throughout all time and space. So…yeah not for me (says the woman who wants to be able to freeze time, thus changing the future and essentially time traveling).

What’s one of your favorite holiday traditions?

Every year on Christmas Eve I make my late Grandmother’s jam tarts. She was first generation from England and would make these fabulous English jam tart cookies every year. I’ve picked up the tradition in the last 5 years. It brings back beautiful memories of her and I love sharing that with my daughter.

Which Christmas song annoys you the most?

“Santa Baby.” Good god don’t even get my started on how much I hate that damn song.

Meet Kasey Steinbrinck

Kasey headshot Element

What’s the best concert you’ve ever attended?

It was Ben Folds at Summerfest. His plane was delayed, and a huge crowd was waiting and waiting after the opening act ended. It was so packed people were standing sideways on bleachers.

Then just before I started throwing elbows as claustrophobia got the best of me – Ben hit the stage and put on a really fun show.

What book has influenced you the most?

Cognitive Surplus, by Clay Shirky. It’s about how technology is helping people create things and change the world in collaboration with each other.

I also can’t neglect to mention the impact Where the Wild Things Are has had on my life.

What was one of the best parties you’ve ever been to?

The best parties you forget the next morning. My son had a pretty sweet 6th birthday party though. He got a metal detector. Now I have a metal detector too.

If you could get away with any crime, what would it be?

Bank robbery – so I could put together a crew of unsavory characters.

What’s one of your funniest holiday memories?

When I was a kid, I made it my mission to figure out where my parents hid the Christmas presents. Trying not to get caught was a huge adrenaline rush, and I’m pretty sure the Mission Impossible theme was going through my head the whole time.

But this year as a dad, karma showed up. I knew my kids found their presents when I noticed they’d dropped some of their snacks into the shopping bags. Next year, we’re hiding the gifts at Grandma’s house.

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