We Put New PR Specialist, Chloe De Young, to the Test – Here’s What Happened

Public relations can be a tough gig. Your client’s image and reputation are put into your hands, and they expect you to deliver results when it comes to media coverage, public awareness, event planning, and crisis management.
chloe-marshmallowThat’s why it’s important to have people like Chloe De Young on your side.

Chloe is Element’s new public relations specialist, joining PR Director Tara Brzozowski in serving our clients’ needs on everything from press releases and media plans to featured articles and influencer outreach.

Previously, Chloe’s worked for a Fox Valley ad agency and as in-house marketing specialist for HJ Martin & Son. She also volunteers for House of Hope in Green Bay through Touchdowns for Hope.

Since starting at our agency this summer, she supported her team in the Element Games by stuffing marshmallows in her mouth at an incredible rate.

But beyond her résumé, how are we so sure Chloe is good at what she does?

We decided to put her to the test.

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Maximizing Media Relations: A Pitching Primer

If you’re a marketing or communications professional, you might be wondering how to improve your business’ media relations.

What does it take to get an internal idea into the hands of a journalist? Are you using outreach plans that hit on what a journalist wants or needs?

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