Case Study


Kaytee established itself as a market leader in bird and small animal food supplies since its inception in 1866. To maintain and gain within the market - especially in Target stores - Kaytee needed a plan to combat an increase of competition while preserving the relationships between Kaytee and other mass retailers.

Our Integrated Approach

Element audited existing marketing efforts, conducted a competitive analysis, and used persona and path to purchase development to create a holistic campaign for Kaytee. This included a robust social media plan executed across three platforms, a key influencer program, a coupon-specific landing page, and a paid digital plan with behavioral and remarketing ads, putting Kaytee ahead in a market vying for a niche audience.


3% increase in sales at Target stores

196,494 total clicks on the campaign landing page

138,004 clicks came from behavioral ads

51,207 clicks came from remarketing ads

4000+ coupon downloads