Don’t have an app for that?

We’ll make you (a great) one.

Whether you need an app that captures leads at tradeshows, a product library, a portal for your employees, or a virtual reality app that lets your customers visualize your products in their homes, Element has the mobile development expertise to help your business go interactive.

Mobile Apps That Rise to the Challenge

Designing a breakthrough app that seamlessly integrates across platforms requires more than one developer—it requires a team of elite designers and brilliant developers that make the magic happen.

The Elements of a Great App

From wireframes to mood boards, our process is rooted in intensive planning (we even have a wall-sized map to prove it).
Our design team is comprised of UX and UI wizards—meaning they can make your app an extension of your brand and make it easy to use.
Our developers have the know-all for creating apps that function how you need them to. Need an OAuth, a REST API, or to share code with the web? We’ve got your back.
We take a whole host of factors into account to make sure your app can do what you need it to: touch, geolocation, real-time updates, media capture, and more.
Our app developers know how to make your app integrate with hardware, remote services, other devices, and web applications … just to name a few.
Testing & Troubleshooting
Good app development doesn’t stop at launch. Our developers will not only help that launch go smoothly, but also know how to fix bugs, glitches, and other obstacles.
DOT Helps Drivers Stay Sober
The Wisconsin and New York Departments of Transportation came to Element with a tall order: create apps that help reduce drunk driving in their states. We combined audience analysis with our design and development expertise to deliver on that challenge, creating apps that combined function with engaging content. The apps allow users to find a safe ride home and report drunk drivers while also offering game-based content such as a Designated Driver Selector (based on spin the bottle).

Ready for Your Great Mobile App?

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