Brand awareness and audience engagement?

You got it—and more.

When it comes to your business, winning at social media is more than a few new followers and likes. To get real results (i.e. visitors to your website, sales leads, and loyal brand advocates), you need social media marketing rooted in strategy. And at Element, that's exactly what we do.

Social Media Marketing that Works

Custom Strategy
Whether you want to drive more traffic to your website or simply increase brand awareness among your target audiences, we'll tailor our tactics accordingly.
Persona Development
We research what makes your target audience tick, from pain points to the channels they use to help us capture their attention—and drive action.
Channel Optimization
We determine the right social channels for reaching your target audiences. Then, we optimize your content to be found easily in searches.
User Engagement
We help you gain visibility with new audiences by engaging with key voices in your industry, building brand awareness in outside networks and showing you as a thought leader.
Content Creation
We develop stellar content—from compelling graphics and clever copy to video—to engage your audience and push them further down their path to purchase.
Interpreting Results
We give you a window into what’s working (or what’s not) and provide insights on how to push the envelope.
Our social programs deliver compelling, goal-focused messaging to your target audiences. We meld an understanding of social media's nuances with audience research, reporting, and striking creative to stop the scroll and get real results.

TL;DR: we create killer content, you reap the rewards.

- Shelby Bake, Digital Content Strategist

Beef Lovers Unite
A leading beef company came to Element to help them bring beef lovers together. We tackled the challenge with "Beefitarian," an integrated marketing campaign with social media as a core element. Using organic, influencer, and paid content on Instagram and content amplification on YouTube, we helped our client reach their target audiences, creating Beefitarians all over the United States and helping raise $10,000 for the Nashville Food Project.
The Results Are In ...
impressions from
campaign's social ads
clicks on
campaign ads
engagement rate
(3.5-6% industry average)
organic post impressions

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