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In today's digital age, your website is likely the first experience your customers will have with your brand, and that experience should align with your brand's essence. At Element, we use the right combination of branding and functionality to give your potential customers a positive experience of your brand that leads them to take action—and works for you, too.

Our Interactive Design Capabilities, at a Glance

Mobile apps
Landing pages
ADA compliance

The Elements of Interactive Design

Understanding your target audience and their behaviors, identifying your priorities
Creating a blueprint of your site, app, or platform based on our research and your goals
Copywriting and Design
Adding your brand's personality to the mix and arranging all the elements
Putting it all in motion: simulating, testing, refining, and refining some more
Launch Support
Your platform goes live and celebrations are had all around
Usability testing, user behavior research, fine-tuning

Foundry Site Gets a Face Lift (and More)

Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry came to Element to help create brand awareness, attract qualified employees, and bring out WAF's workplace culture.

To solicit new customers and employees, we overhauled the WAF website, making it more user-centric with an all-new navigation and a fully-integrated job application portal, along with a lot more content showing what WAF does (including bad-ass videos of molten metal).
When we craft the user experience of a website, we identify and create what's right for your site's users—not just ourselves. We combine curiosity, experience, and an understanding of user behaviors with scientific metrics to guide us in building a solid framework based in facts and research.

- Jenna Garvin, Senior Interactive Designer

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