Capture your story.


With strategy.

Whether you're looking to reach a new audience as part of an advertising campaign or educate your customers about your services, we'll use your sales goals at every step, from concepting to storyboarding to planning to execution. We start big picture and bring it all together to make the magic happen.

Video and Photography Capabilities

Storyboarding and Illustration
Nail down your narrative with our in-house video experts, illustrators, and scriptwriters.
Video Capture
Reveal your expertise in an interview, show off your product with detailed footage, or let your audience experience your business with b-roll of your facilities.
Video Editing
Make an impact with technical execution, creative visuals, and strategic storytelling pulled together to create one polished product.
Custom Animation
Bring graphic design artwork to life and deliver a fun, informative, or emotional video with motion graphics.
Get a clean and professional recording for your podcast, webinar, or voiceover to highlight your expertise or impact your audience.
Foundry Shows Off its Awesomeness
Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry came to Element to help create brand awareness, attract qualified employees, and bring out WAF's workplace culture.

To help engage new audiences, we went onsite to capture what WAF does and what makes it so awesome (and even used a drone to some some great shots of the molten metal).

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