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We'll do the legwork.

It's one thing to tell customers your product is great, but it's another if someone is willing to put their name on it and tout it to their followers. And, it's even more exciting if that person is qualified to make the claim. At Element, we're pros at finding influencers who share your values and speak to your target audience.

Influencer Marketing That Works

Researching and Vetting

We don't pick influencers solely based on their number of followers. We look at their interests, their audiences, their content, and more. Think of us as matchmakers.


From channel to content to frequency, we look at the factors that will best drive action.


We analyze where you can amplify influencer content, whether on social, your website, or directly to your customers so you can maximize your exposure.

Maintaining Relationships

We don't see influencer campaigns as one-and-done. We keep the conversation going (and some of our influencers have worked with brands for years).

Beef Lovers Unite

Leading beef company JBS came to Element to help them bring beef lovers together. We tackled the challenge with "Beefitarian," an integrated marketing campaign featuring influencer content and a "Burgers and Beats" fundraiser as core tactics. We partnered with chefs and the Nashville Food Project to help our audiences beef up their beef knowledge and provide over 4,000 meals to those in need.
The Results Are In ...
influencer impressions
engagements with Burgers and Beats
unique users to the site during 10-day challenge
votes cast for Burgers and Beats recipes

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