Community Outreach, Awareness, and Activation

Shopko Optical®, a trusted name in eye care, faced significant challenges when their parent company declared bankruptcy. To show their unwavering commitment to the community and refresh their brand, Element stepped in with a game plan. We rolled out a new logo and brand standards, launched a new website experience, and then quickly turned to public relations to boost their media presence and strengthen community ties. Our efforts also shone through in promoting their Kids in Focus program with engaging Eye Spy events, strategic partnerships, and school activations to bring eye care straight to the heart of local communities. Keeping brand awareness and engagement sharp has been our eye-deal strategy, firmly positioning Shopko Optical as a leading, community-focused eye care provider.


Shopko Optical Website by Element

Community Events

Shopko Optical Community Events

Press Releases and Promotional Materials

Shopko Optical Scavenger Hunt, Press Release, and Kids in Focus promotional materials by Element
Shopko Optical Photography by Element

Event Landing Page

Shopko Optical Website Landing Page by Element


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