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As traditional as it may be, print still makes an impression and packs a wallop. Ads, collateral, inserts, and internal pieces give ideas a chance to breathe and communicate on a deeper level. Support it with brand standards to get your entire organization on the same page.

Direct Mail


Give it the respect it deserves. When executed properly, direct mail can be surprisingly effective. The two keys to success: develop relevant messaging and target the right audiences. Break through clutter with our creative ideas with invaluable experience.

Point of Sale


We understand what customers are thinking at that critical moment when a purchase is considered. Of course, grabbing attention is first. That needs to be followed with meaningful benefits and a juicy offer. Element gets to the core of a idea and convinces people to take action.

Outdoor Advertising


The right creative execution in an outdoor medium has the ability to be remembered, discussed, and acted upon. When a branding or image message needs to be conveyed to various target audiences, outdoor can be a powerful tool in the marketing cache.

get real

Like everything we create at Element, we approach advertising from a business generating perspective. When used effectively, various tactics generate brand awareness and interest, as well as bottom-line results that lead to long-term success. With Element, expect unconventional thinking and attention-grabbing creative.

Get Interactive

Arm1 Arm2

Website Development and Powerful Custom Programming

Want a competitive edge by connecting with customers in ways that drive loyalty? Have a challenge that requires a technology solution? Ready to assemble your pieces for stronger overall performance? First, we determine the right balance of technology solution (custom software, web app, mobile app) and branding to make your business a powerful force. Next, our team of expert developers creates an on-brand, custom software experience. Working with your IT staff or independently, on large projects or small, we’ll help you boost your efficiencies and work smarter. It’s like hiring a robot with perfect compatibility with your business, tireless energy, vast insight, and a sparkling personality.

  • SEO

Our 4-step process that keeps you informed, confident, and stress-free: 1) Survey—We get up to speed; you get a ballpark estimate. 2) Planning—Our Application Design Document outlines details and expectations. 3) Programming—We uncover opportunities and handle obstacles. 4) Launch—Celebration, observation, and trouble-shooting.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) knowledge and experience increases your website's ranking in search results using a variety of techniques, some within the content of your site and some within the code. By removing search engine barriers to specific keywords, we're generating traffic to your website.

These powerful business tools are designed to increase productivity, efficiency, and overall sales effectiveness, as well as enhance image. Element helps businesses use this technology to sell products, manage leads, and even sign proposals on the spot. We tailor your app to your needs and budget.

Imagine a dynamic, web-based application that smoothly integrates with your business-critical, web-based operations, from a content management system to e-commerce to a shared portal for distributors. Need to track current and past orders? Want to cut the sales cycle from three weeks to two days? Want to develop more loyalty? We’ve done it.

Element starts from the bottom up to develop the exact software your business needs to succeed. From concept to delivery, we're your guide to the custom software that will set you apart. Our experience with coding, testing, deployment, and debugging makes the entire process easy.

Social Media


Social Media Success Starts With Strategy

We create and distribute content that is timely, purposeful, and relevant to your brand. But, to truly maximize the success of any social media effort, it is important to first understand your audience, what motivates them, where they spend their time online, and how they prefer to consume content. That’s why each program starts with research to develop a custom strategy that aligns with your existing business and marketing goals. And, since everything we do at Element considers the impact on your bottom line, we set up the proper monitoring and tracking so our team of digital experts can analyze the data quarterly to ensure a responsible return on investment.


Television and radio aren’t what they used to be. Attention spans are minimal, which requires creative executions that will stand out and be remembered. We know the art of creating messages that resonate with listeners. Element also leverages these media with additional ways to create breakthrough marketing.


Deftly using only audio to captivate and persuade is an art. Commanding attention is first, followed by an intriguing sales message, and clear call-to-action. Our radio scriptwriter has sold it all, from energy-conservation equipment to insurance services to medical specialists.


Our internal videographer can craft your corporate documentary or internal training video. Need a simple, yet effective video for your next trade booth? Let’s talk! Want a brief overview for your website? Let’s do it. The union of image, sound, and editing is a rare skill that truly makes an impact wherever it’s used.


With animation, you can do anything. But, doing it correctly is the key. Element’s on-staff animation developers create enchanting, powerful, and fun animation for web-based, interactive, and broadcast applications. And, because it’s all in-house, our costs remain budget-friendly.



If you’re uninformed, you’re just guessing. Focus groups or one-on-one interviews? Published reports or Nielsen ratings? Online questionnaires or phone surveys? Element uncovers the motivating factors that make a difference to your customers, and to your bottom line.


An affordable beginning to your fact-finding, secondary research involves previously published material: industry websites, news reports, government bulletins, magazine articles, etc. Although this information is not customized to your needs, it lays the groundwork before you dig deeper with primary research.


Get detailed feedback on specific executions related to your business: How easy is it to navigate your website? Is a new packaging option more attractive? Will consumers pay extra for an improved product? Even a small focus group, simple survey, or brief interview can give a good idea for a specific market.


If creative executions are the muscle of marketing, smart strategy is the backbone. Whether we develop branding, a marketing plan, or a pricing strategy, we’re focused on delivering healthy financial results for clients. We know it takes commitment and input from you and solid strategy from us.



Successful marketing plans aren’t a dime-a-dozen. In fact, they take a lot of upfront work, including research, organization, and some uncommon thinking. At Element, we thrive at creating successful campaigns, uncovering big ideas, and keeping clients a step ahead of the competition.


Proper promotional planning and strategy helps you remain true to your marketing plan and delivers solid ROI. Element brings a fresh take on a SWOT analysis, thorough thinking to identifying objectives, an inspired selection of tactics and, most importantly, complete monitoring of the results.


What’s your competitive advantage? Does your sales strategy wisely exploit it? Element not only finds competitive differences, we develop tactics that help create dynamic day-to-day selling. We understand how to hit on hot buttons, shorten the sales cycle, and offer solutions that increase your closing ratio.


If your customers don’t know what you stand for, you’re losing the branding battle. Presenting a consistent brand image at every customer touchpoint is vital to attracting new prospects as well as developing customer loyalty. Element helps you tell customers why they should give you their attention and money.


It’s all about profits. When sales are struggling and costs can’t be cut, an effective pricing strategy may be the only road to more profits. Element helps by studying the needs and behaviors of your customers, how your brand is positioned, production costs, and the objectives of your pricing strategy.


Demand Generation unites a solid marketing plan with a structured sales process, filling the sales funnel and working directly with and for your sales team. Its processes are simple, clear, follow the end-user’s buying cycle and, most importantly, they work. It’s a complete marketing plan or can be layered into existing initiatives.

Element values the ability to reach audiences in the most effective way possible. In partnership with field expert Debra Stauffacher, we provide our customers with media planning, media purchasing, and media auditing on an as-needed basis, and we leverage the experience of seasoned buyers in different markets.

media buying

It comes down to connecting people with companies, and we believe in using whatever media is necessary to do it. We consider the campaign, messaging, audiences, and objective, then translate that into attainable media objectives to form a strategic media plan.


We love to help clients get the biggest bang for their marketing buck, with the best placement and price of a piece of media real estate within any given media. It’s critical that we meet the right reach and frequency, so our team works closely with you to ensure we purchase media that gets the results you need.


Are you getting what you pay for? Our media auditing makes sure that happens. We’ll simplify the complex world of media planning and media purchasing. We use powerful tools and techniques to help you improve and maintain long-term media value. Our goal is always to make your media dollars work harder.



As the digital world has expanded, so has your customer’s appetite for digestible content. Your business can increase sales by proactively developing and distributing meaningful content across a variety of media channels to generate inbound leads. At Element we will create a custom content marketing strategy based on four media types: paid, earned, shared and owned.


Known as advertising. You pay for the placement of the content to guarantee exposure.

  • Display Ads
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Advertorials
  • Google Paid

Known as publicity. You do not pay for the placement of the content. Tactics such as media relations and press release distribution earn your company placement into the media outlet.

  • Media Relations
  • Blogger Relations
  • Press Releases

The use of social media channels to share, amplify, and engage people with your content and your company.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked In
  • YouTube
  • Google+

The messages you create and publish through your controlled channels. Position yourself as a thought leader and authority.

  • Company Blog
  • Email Communications
  • Website SEO
  • Newsletters
  • Videos


The process of reviewing consumption, leads, sales metrics, and cost of acquisition to determine the best content creation and amplification program for your company. Next, we implement sales enablement, onboarding, and retention strategies to maximize ROI.

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Content Marketing


Strategic Communications, Media Relations, Publicity, and Special Events

We take a strategic approach to our public relations programs to help you tell your company’s story in a way that will grab attention and make your customers engaged in what you have to say.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Strategic planning
  • Publicity
  • Media Relations
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Special Events
  • Crisis Management
  • Internal Communications
  • Community Relations
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