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8 Ways to Tell It’s Time for a New Website

Clients often ask us how frequently they should redo their website. With design and functionality trends changing constantly, it can be a challenge to determine when a site should be redesigned and programmed to stay current.

Typically, I recommend businesses reevaluate their entire site annually to make minor revisions and updates. A complete overhaul should be considered every 3-4 years.

Not sure where you stand? Here are eight questions to help determine if now is the time for a new website:

  1. Is your website search engine optimized?
    I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times, but if nobody can find your site, what’s the point of having one? Your website should appear in relevant web searches and be working hard to attract new visitors.
  1. Has your business strategy, product, or target audience changed since your last site launch?
    Your site should reflect your current business plan and be an accurate representation of the products and services you offer. It’s not uncommon for businesses to expand product lines or add markets, so make sure your website matches the direction your company is headed.
  1. Is it easy to find things on your site?
    Ease of use is crucial for consumers. With new trends in design and functionality, navigating a website should be effortless.
  1. Is your content overwhelming and stale?
    Content on your site should be relevant and fresh. Plus, when possible, use visuals to communicate your information in an easy, consumable way.
  1. Is your site mobile-friendly or responsive?
    According to Smart Insights, 80% of users search the Internet on smartphones. Plus, as of April 2015, Google is using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal so determine if your site is mobile-friendly with this quick test.
  1. Do images date your site?
    Stock photography with dated fashion and hairstyles can age your business as well as people’s perception of your brand. Even if your site is not due for a complete overall, updating the photography alone can freshen up the appearance.
  1. Does your traditional marketing integrate with your digital strategy?
    For brand consistency, your traditional marketing should align with, and complement, your digital strategies. Messaging and imagery should be consistent from print to your website.
  1. Is your website working as hard as it can?
    Long gone are the days of static sites. It’s time to think about how your site can act as a virtual salesperson, generating leads. Or, maybe you can increase internal efficiencies by automating processes. And, let’s not forget about using your website to recruit new talent.

Element understands all facets of marketing, including the digital world. We have an entire team dedicated to staying on top of trends, and our experts develop integrated marketing strategies blending both traditional and digital tactics.

When you’re looking for an honest opinion of your current site, call Element at 920-983-9700 for a complete evaluation and honest discussion.


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