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Moose-Tested Cabin Fever Cures on Instagram

Above: My cousin Elkhart, basking in sunshine on St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Follow him: @themeaderingmoose.

“Spring” in Wisconsin, am I right? The long winter and at-times frigid spring have taken a toll on the Element office, and we’re itching to travel to sunnier pastures.

We’re short on frequent-flyer miles, so we’re taking a trip to exotic locales via some awesome Instagram accounts! Destination Instagram accounts are the digital equivalent of a hot mug of Canuck’s Cocoa (patent pending) on a chilly spring day. So, the next time you’re down with a bout of cabin fever, cozy up to these accounts:

1| Kirsten Alana

This NYC-based photog’s snaps run the gamut from rose-colored sunsets on Hulopo’e Beach to drool-inducing food photography. Her long-form post copy is worth the read, and there are a few emojis thrown in for good measure.

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2| World of Wanderlust

According to Expert Vagabond, @Worldwanderlust is also known as Brooke. She’s an Aussie who lives eternally out of a suitcase and serves up stunning photos from nearly everywhere, from Bora Bora to the Serengeti.

3| Girl Eat World

The story is that Mel, a foodie-meets-traveler, decided that food was better than any subject for her destination photos. Local food becomes a vital part of the scenery and tells a story all its own, as exemplified by this kangaroo canape (I’m a herbivore, but I’d try that at least once).

4| Gaby Mateus

If wide open spaces and interesting photo composition are your speed, @gmateus will be right up your alley (or bike lane, rather). She quotes Michael Palin, “’Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life.’” We agree, Gaby.

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5| ThePlanetD

Sometimes a moose just needs peace and quiet. When deadlines have the staff running around like it’s Girl Scout Cookie delivery day, I find solace in Dave and Deb’s feed. They seldom include humans in their photography (except for a few notable examples), which allows the viewer to solitarily enjoy the serenity of nature.

6| The Broke Backpacker

Venture off the beaten path with Will Hatton, @thebrokebackpacker. He’s currently backpacking from the UK to Papua New Guinea, without two quarters to rub together. Obviously, beauty ensues.

7| C.R Tan
For those whose taste buds are acutely affected by wanderlust, @xlbcr is a true blessing. As Saveur describes, this photographer-stylist-barista travels to must-see spots throughout Asia, blending travel and food shots seamlessly.

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8| Justin Walker

Milwaukee photographer Justin Walker has a mission: he’s committed to “making the world smaller, one destination at a time.” Well, he certainly accomplishes that. He brings faraway places together by putting the natural beauty of Wisconsin on display alongside equally gorgeous scenes from Arizona and Oregon. I’d better get my kayak prepped for summer.

Are you feeling warmed by all the digital sunshine? Now that I’ve regaled you with my tale of Instagram accounts both bold and beautiful, here’s a message on behalf of my sponsor:

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