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Captured! Element Brings in Three New ‘Wanted’ Employees

Breaking news from the Northeast Wisconsin marketing industry … Element, an exceptional marketing and advertising agency in De Pere, recently hauled in three highly-sought-after new hires.

The suspects include a designer, a content creator, and an account executive.

“We’ve been searching all over for these characters,” said agency principal Lance Peroutka. “Now that they’re off the job market, the public can feel safe and sleep soundly once again.”

Here are all the details on the rap sheets for our three newest employees …

Shawn Williams – Art Director

Shawn is an experienced graphic designer and illustrator who’s making our already talented (and extremely busy) design team even stronger.

He has agency experience and previously served as Creative Director for Bay Tek Games. He’s also created artwork for a variety of publications such as Comic Buyer’s Guide and Antique Trader.

Shawn often helps writers illustrate their work, he’s co-created a couple of comic strips, and he’s even self-published his own graphic novel titled Five Pounds and Screaming. It tells a story about the joys and struggles of a couple becoming first-time parents. You can find it on Amazon, and see more of Shawn’s work on his personal blog.

Kara Lichtenberg – Account Executive

In addition to being our newest account executive, Kara will also work with Element’s clients as a brand strategist.

Kara has held a variety of different jobs as both an in-house brand manager and in the agency world. In fact, she’s even worked for Johnsonville Sausage (mmm, bratwurst). Earlier in her career, she worked in graphic design as well.

Kara is guilty of being a fan of good music. She mentions the band Muse as one of her current favorites. As a mom and a creative person, she’d like to share a cocktail and some conversation with Sir Ken Robinson.

Kara highly recommends Robinson’s TED Talk on creativity and education, which happens to be the most-viewed TED Talk of all time. It’s definitely worth a watch!

Bill Miston – Content Marketing Specialist

Bill is a newbie to the world of marketing. He’s charged with being a television news reporter where he allegedly used the word allegedly on a regular basis.

As a recovering reporter, Bill understands journalism, which means he knows a lot about good storytelling. Plus, his experience as a traditional media insider will be a great asset to our clients’ media relations efforts.

Bill can often be found terrorizing innocent bystanders along the Fox River. His record includes waterskiing on Christmas Eve. Bill also knows way too much about where to find good hamburgers.

However, his most heinous crime is probably being a fan of any and all Chicago sports teams. Check out Bill’s personal blog to see some photography and past work in local news.

Help Us Capture Our Next New Employees

(Or turn yourself in)

These three employees will soon be added to our agency’s Wanted Wall, which displays all of the unsavory characters who work here.

All of them are serving a life sentence in our creative labor camp with no chance of parole.

Sound fun? We’re still trying to track down candidates for a couple of other positions, and we’re always on the lookout for talented people.

Maybe you or someone you know would be the right fit. Check out our Careers section to view current openings. Find out more about the rest of our team when you visit our Company Culture page.


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