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Trick or Traits – Match Your Favorite Halloween Candy to your Perfect Job at Element

October 31st is right around the corner, and the team at Element is gearing up for the big day. To help get our followers into the Halloween spirit, we compiled a list of some classic candy favorites and conducted some very in-depth Googling to determine what candy preferences say about your personality. Ready to find out whether you are salty or sweet? Take a look at the selections below, pick your favorite, and see with whom at Element you might pair with best ….

Skittles- Colorful and fun, those who enjoy Skittles as their favorite Halloween treat are happy-go-lucky and optimistic. With a flair for all things vibrant, you relate best with our Designers who have an eye for just the right color, pattern, and design.

Smarties- Sweet and always a great treat, this candy was designed for the diehard Type A’s who can’t help being helpful. Around Element, that organization and dedication can be found in our Account Executives, Account Assistants, and Business Managers who give sweet a little extra kick.

Milky Way- As a jack-of-all-trades candy, Milky Way has it all. It’s a sweet filled center with caramel and comes in light and dark chocolate. It’s the multitasking madman of the candy jar and people who love it usually are too. Known for your knowledge in a variety of fields, you relate best to Element’s Digital Marketing Specialists who know their stuff when it comes to digital marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and more.

Tootsie Roll- A beloved Halloween staple, trick-or-treating just wouldn’t be the same without this Halloween sweet. Those who enjoy this famous classic treat are trusted individuals who make a big difference every day. In Element, these individuals are our Agency Owners who have shaped Element’s path from the very beginning.

Gummy Bears- Gummy Bear enthusiasts are fun-loving individuals who make going to work (or any place for that matter) a barrel of laughs. These individuals aren’t all fun and games, however. They also have the drive to make things stick, much like Element’s Copywriter who can turn jumbles into jargon and scribbles into scripts.

Hershey’s Bar- If candy had nobility, this would be it! Much like a king, individuals who favor Hershey’s bars are stable, quiet, and able to solve complex problems with ease. With the ability to talk technical, you relate best to our Programmers who slay coding and programming like a dragon.

Cricket Lollipops- Those who favor the most unique Halloween candy selection are outside-of-the-box thinkers who often offer interesting and unique perspectives on solving problems. These individuals are often at the forefront of what’s new and trending. At Element, you can find our Director of Public Relations shedding light on interesting products and services while offering tips on the new and noteworthy.


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