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Element Cinemagraph Showcase Series: Q&A with Senior Graphic Designer Lori Schwartz

Just in time for warmer weather, May’s Cinemagraph Showcase Series has us googly-eyed for summer. Element’s artistic senior graphic designer Lori Schwartz took time to craft a cinemagraph that reflects her personality and design preferences—not to mention her eagerness to get out on the water!

At Element, our mission is to produce great work that strengthens our client’s bottom line. To achieve this as a full-service agency, we like to try new techniques. The Cinemagraph Showcase Series is a fun way to let our graphic designers explore new skills and let their creativity roll.

If you’re wondering, a cinemagraph is a unique design technique that blends still photography with motion video. We love these scroll-stopping pieces because they can be used in social media, advertising, and web design—all while producing powerful results.

See Lori’s beautiful cinemagraph featuring her sailboat Slow Ride and read what she had to say about her concept below.

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Question: What inspired you to create this boating-themed cinemagraph?

Lori: I think the sailboat theme was kind of expected. I LOVE all things sailing. From May to October, my life is all about racing and cruising the waters. The rest of the year, I catch up on sailing blogs and my reading … mainly sailing adventure biography and strategy.

That’s awesome, Lori. What a cool hobby! We love how passionate you are about it.

Q: When did you start sailing?

Lori: When I was a kid, my dad bought us a 12-foot sailboat to mess around with at the Lake Naomi cottage in the Poconos. I spent pretty much every summer sailing with my brother and sister. We’d tip it over, stuck in the back bays without wind, and swim it back. It was a great learning experience and has always stuck with me.

Q: What’s the story behind the name of the boat you have now?

Lori: Mark (my significant other) and I had a tough time coming up with a name we both liked. We wanted something witty and original. One weekend we were bound and determined to name the boat. It all came together when a Chili’s commercial came on and “Slow Ride” by Foghat started playing. We looked at each other and said, “Slow Ride!” It’s perfect since five knots is our average speed.

The funny part about the name is that we win most of our races, and Mark likes to cue up Slow Ride and blare it as we cross the line.

Would you look at that. The two of you found your boat name through advertising. We’re impressed that you remembered it was a Chili’s commercial, too! #BrandingGoals

Q: How does this theme relate to your approach to design and work?

Lori: I like the idea of using sailing metaphors to describe my design approach and work challenges. Batten down the hatches, close hauled or close to the wind, an even keel, strong hand on the tiller, troubled waters, in the doldrums, shipshape, I could keep going …

Oh buoy! Keep ‘em coming. We love that you bring your love for sailing to the office by using one-of-a-kind phrases.

Pick Up Speed by Incorporating Scroll-Stoppers in Your Digital Strategy

If you’re looking to up your digital strategy, think about mixing up your digital ads, social media posts, or website with a cinemagraph. We have talented designers on staff who are able to create intriguing, unique pieces that are aligned with your brand. Learn about our array of full capabilities including design, content marketing, digital services, and more, or contact us to get something started.


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