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Cinemagraph Designer Series: Q&A with Art Director Joel Haase

We’ve got something fun, quirky, and weirdly rock-related up our sleeves for July’s Cinemagraph Designer Series. But, before we jump in, let’s do a little quiz. Since this is the eighth cinemagraph in our designer series, we want to test your knowledge: What’s a cinemagraph?

If your mind jumped to something along the lines of a still photograph with a looping moving graphic component, you’re right. These scroll stoppers are said to be the new GIF, making quite a scene on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Their skyrocketing popularity inspired us to put our designers up the challenge to make this trending treatment their own.

Our incredibly talented, goofy, and Pun Institute-Certified art director Joel Haase let his personality shine with his groovy cinemagraph and off-beat answers to our Q&A. So, buckle up for a good laugh – and maybe a head tilt here or there – when you see Joel’s creation and answers below.

Click the image to see this lavagraph IRL on Facebook.

Q: You’re known at Element for your eclectic office décor (as evidenced in this cinemagraph) – what would your thrift-shop-office-supply-store be called?

Joel Haase: TagPoppers and Field of Reams — Your ultimate source for faux zoot suits and construction paper.

Q: What inspired you to go groovy and choose a lava lamp as your muse?

Joel Haase: As a youngster, I often dreamed of becoming an enchanter of souls. With a vintage hand-me-down lava lamp from my mother, I desperately tried to harness the geothermal power of the imprisoned molten bolus.

Once I found out that the “lava” was just a buoyant wax mixture heated within a glass vessel, my dreams of becoming a sorcerer were magically shattered. This cinemagraph is my way of finally coming to terms with it.

We’re so sorry to hear your childhood dreams were crushed, but absolutely love you brought the good old lava lamp back to life for us.   

Q: In the theme of lava and décor … imagine you’ve been tasked with a brand name, tagline, and logo for a decorative volcanic rock company. What would you produce and why? 

Joel Haase:

  • Name: Magmarshall Field’s
  • Tagline: “It’s lava at first sight.”
    Logo: The logo would consist of a lawn gnome with lava pouring out the top of his triangular-shaped hat.

At Magmarshall Field’s, we produce lawn ornaments and decorative rock arrangements made from 72% authentic molten rock and the finest ash powder. We install and maintain your purchases across a minimum of 100 acres with a bonus lifetime guarantee. 

Joel, you crack us up! I think we’ll place an order around Christmas time for client gifts – what do you guys think?

Q: We’ve got some geology-related puns for you … please send us a reaction meme that describes your first reaction to each one.

  1. Q: What do you do with dead geologists? (A: You barium.) 

  1. Q: What do you call an Irish gem that’s a fake? (A: A sham rock.)

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