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Element Cinemagraph Showcase Series: Q&A with Ann Behling, Director of Publications

Just in time for the new year, we’re kicking off our cinemagraph showcase series with a masterpiece from one of Element’s talented designers. Each month (until we run out of designers), we’ll be featuring a different cinemagraph designed by one of our very own creatives.

So, what’s a cinemagraph?

cinemagraphic definition
Big brands are utilizing these visual imagery tricks to vamp up their marketing strategies, cut through the noise, and get consumers to stop and wonder – even if it’s just for a second.

These uniquely intriguing snippets are making big waves in the digital marketing world, especially for tactics involving social media, email marketing, websites, and banner ads.

We sat down with Ann Behling, Element’s director of publications, to see her holiday-themed cinemagraph and hear what’s going through her head this festive season in a recent Q&A.

View the live cinemagraph on Element’s Facebook page.

Q: Since your cinemagraph features a sparkly Christmas tree, we must know … Are you a real tree or fake tree kinda gal?

Ann Behling: I love a real tree, but I have a fake one so that I can put it up before Thanksgiving. But trust me, my Christmas spirit is never fake!

Oh, Ann … Even though you put up a fake Christmas tree, we know your holiday spirit shines as bright as the ornaments in your cinemagraph.

Q: How would you define your tree-decorating style?

Ann Behling: My style is somewhat whimsical. And of course, the theme from my Christmas tree is carried throughout my house and to the outdoors.

Q: If you had an endless budget to work with, what would be your dream cinemagraph to design?

Ann Behling: The rainforest. The vibrant colors, the rain, the variety of animals … the possibilities for design inspiration is infinite! (Can Ryan Gosling be carrying my camera equipment?)

ann on christmas

Oh, really? The rainforest? We totally would have guessed the North Pole since you dressed up as Bumble at the 2017 Element Holiday Party! …But sure, we can hire Ryan Gosling to be your camera equipment caddy.

Q: Where do you find your design inspiration?

Ann Behling: Design blogs, magazines, the outside world … everything and anything.

Q: Lastly, egg nog: yes or no? There’s never been a more divisive drink.

Ann Behling: Actually, I’ve never had egg nog (GASP, I feel like I Christmas-sinned!).

Yeah, you did kind of Christmas-sin, Ann. Clark Griswold would not be happy with you.

Take your digital creative to the next level.

Stay tuned! In the coming months, you’ll discover more artistic cinemagraphs created by our gifted design team. And, if you’re looking to up your digital creative game in the coming months, let’s chat about ways we can help you incorporate cinemagraphs into your web design, social, owned, and paid marketing efforts. Give us a call or send a note to get brainstorming!


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