9 Tips to Create Brilliant Infographics for Content Marketing

That Your Customers Find Valuable

Infographics are great tools for top- or middle-of-the-funnel content. In other words, information that helps to compel or educate decision makers. They are an efficient way of sharing a mix of content, design, and data in an easily consumable piece. They are simple to scan, and with the brain processing images 60,000 times faster than it does text, it makes sense why they can be wildly effective.

We like to think of them as “tools to help buyers buy” (not sellers sell). Your infographics could be shared throughout the internet, posted to social channels, and exist as evergreen content on your company’s website. With 57 percent of purchase decisions occurring before a customer even contacts your company, it’s the perfect piece for your customers to discover.

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Content Marketing Specialist
Bree is a content creator with unbounded enthusiasm for mingling process and creativity. With a background in the worlds of marketing and communications, Bree is well-versed in content marketing, branding, and corporate event planning. When she's not writing, strategizing, or ideating, you’ll find her snooping in a snack cupboard or with a mouth full of food. And, while it wasn’t intentional, she has always been proud that she shares a homonym-name with the gooey queen of cheeses, Brie.

11 Tips for Hosting a Corporate Event People Want to Attend

We’ve all received them: a stiff, impersonal invitation in black serif type on white letterhead. It’s the dreaded corporate event invite, an event you need to attend … but don’t necessarily want to attend.

If you’re planning to host a corporate event for your business, whether that be a ribbon cutting, product launch, or networking event, there are ways to flip that reaction on its head. Here are 11 tips for planning and hosting a seamless, successful, and measurable corporate event—one that guests will be clamoring to attend.

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Director of Public Relations
A self-described chatterbox, it’s rumored that Tara was born with a phone in her hand. It was only natural that she ended up in the marketing communications industry. With more than 12 years of industry experience, Tara specializes in campaign strategy, planning, publicity, and content marketing. In addition to socializing with just about anyone, Tara enjoys running, yoga, and watching her beloved Wisconsin Badgers. She also appreciates the occasional quiet weekend at home cooking and relaxing with her husband Ryan and kids, Julia and Colin.

21 Books Every Creative Person Should Read

Nothing tells you more about a person than the book they’ve dog-eared the most. To celebrate National Book Lovers Day, we’re sharing the team’s MVBs—most-valuable books—to illustrate the connection between being well-read and being top-notch marketers, designers, and strategists.

Ready? Let’s open to chapter one.

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Social Media Specialist
Shelby Bake is a social media copywriter with a background in web writing, email marketing, and digital content strategy. She has worked with clients in various industries, including insurance, health, and food.

Drafting up Ideas with Element’s New Graphic Designer

Element recently welcomed graphic designer, Ava Gretzinger, to our growing team. Years of design experience in various industries have polished the Wisconsin native’s ability to deliver innovative designs that help our clients stand out amongst competitors.

We sat down with Ava to learn about her heart for art, shrinking bucket list, and upcoming trips on her 2015 Indian Vintage cycle!

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How Marketing Helps You Recruit the Best Employees

I recently ran into a recruiter for one of the top employers in Northeast Wisconsin and had a conversation about his biggest challenge to fill almost 400 open positions annually. Among other things, I was surprised to learn that they didn’t have a social media strategy as part of their efforts. In fact, he mentioned he wasn’t even quite sure how it worked.

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Director of Account Services
Nikki Peroutka has handled account service duties at Element for more than a decade. She remembers pre-PDF days when every proof required a face-to-face client meeting, and the number of colors in an ad determined its price. This, of course, makes her feel like an old marketing-weary battle-ax. Yet, she brings a youthful, fresh perspective to overseeing all client relationships as well as managing her own accounts. When her daily Director of Account Services duties are done, she enjoys relaxing with a good magazine or book, chasing around her son Oakley, and doing DIY projects around the house.

12 Creativity Hacks to Give You an Edge

Creativity isn’t just for artsy people and those of us who work in ad agencies. It’s something we can all use in our jobs and daily lives.

There may be some people who are naturally more creative than others. However, creativity can also be developed – even built – like a muscle group you work on at the gym.

Whether you’re solving a problem in your company, developing a new product, or trying to figure out a crossword puzzle – we have 12 creativity hacks that can help.

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Director of Content Marketing
Kasey Steinbrinck has been creating content since he was just a little kid, writing stories and making radio shows on his Fisher Price tape recorder. He went on to produce local television and wrote for an area newspaper before discovering the power of telling stories online. Kasey worked as a content marketer, blogger, and copywriter for two ecommerce companies before joining Element in 2015.