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Ever Watched TV with Santa? The Neenah Crew Did!

Things got festive this December as the Element Neenah crew participated in “A Very Neenah Christmas,” the city’s 20th annual downtown holiday tradition.

Presented by Future Neenah, the annual festival features marshmallow roasting, horse-drawn carriage rides, a hand bell choir, and more. Element jumped into the live mannequin window display fun (which presented a challenge since Element is on the second floor of our West Wisconsin Avenue building, above Smile Creations).

While all other downtown businesses are at eye level, the Element team had to direct attention upward. To do so, Santa (relaxing on a recliner in the middle of the street) invited the crowd of 1,000+ to “Watch MTV (mannequin TV) with Santa.” His remote control changed channels, which included a Packers game, Pokémon, a rock and roll video (just like old-school MTV), and a Star Wars lightsaber battle. Each was accompanied by sound effects and music played through a speaker near Santa to give viewers a synchronized audio/visual experience.

santa watching tv
“Santa” (aka Eric) on changing channels with his remote and directing attention to the second story

One ad was included in the rotation. After all, this is TV (and we’re an ad agency), right? The ad for Santa’s favorite food (bacon … duh), may have stolen the show.

So, how did Element’s mannequins move freely while all others stayed incredibly still? Well, the magic of Santa, of course.

element agency window neenah wisconsin
Element family and friends reenacting an old-school MTV rock and roll music video scene

Our appreciation goes out to Future Neenah for such a well-organized and creative event. The team would like to personally thank our participating families and neighborhood friends. You all rocked.


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