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5 Social Media Video Tools for Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Feed envy (noun): we all contract it sometimes. It’s the condition where you see an innovative, simply dope video in a company’s social media feed that stands out from the flock and looks like a zillion bucks. But, where do they get the time and budget to churn these videos out?

That’s where nifty mobile video tools come in. We asked our video production specialist* to shoot sample videos using the tools he likes to use on the fly. Get those picks below, along with ideas for incorporating these sweet vids into your B2B social media strategy.

5 Video Tools for Your B2B Social Content

1. Magisto

Magisto is billed as a “smart video editor” powered by A.I. that boasts three simple steps: (1) upload, (2) choose a style, and (3) let Magisto do its … magic. Magisto’s software allows you to host videos on your website with their native player, and analytics are available for the numbers-minded.

How to use Magisto for your business: Anders created the above video using the app showcasing his office, tchotchkes, and equipment … in other words, his personality. It’s a creative way to showcase meeting spaces for prospective partners and clients or office spaces for potential employees.

2. Enlight Pixaloop

Marketing peeps, have you seen cinemagraphs taken to a new level in your feeds? You may have seen a cup of coffee with just the liquid moving or a woman holding an umbrella in a cup of tea. Enlight Pixaloop “breathes life into your photos” by animating a select portion of the photo.

In the above example, Anders photographed a party foul (spilled beer) and animated just the liquid. It’s an excellent way to convey motion in the context of a still photo, because the dissonance between photo still image and video-like effects is highly engaging.

How to use Enlight Pixaloop for your business: Are you in manufacturing? Instead of posting an equipment photo on your social media channels, add motion to your amazing protype with Pixaloop. Want to showcase your culture? Turn your coffee break still photo into a moving work of art.


Chances are, you’ve either seen or used GIPHY on the web, and you might not have even known it. GIPHY is the winner-winner-chicken-dinner of reaction GIFs, and you can find pretty much any other kind of GIF (graphics interchange format) there, too.

What you might not know is that GIPHY has two mobile apps: GIPHY and GIPHY CAM. The latter has tons of filters, stickers, and effects to try. It’s almost too much power for one person.

How to use GIPHY for your business: Now, this one’s more fun than professional, so you’ll want to keep GIPHY-made videos and images off your LinkedIn company page. But, if your business likes showcasing new hires in a style that has a vibe, try GIPHY. You can also rely on GIPHY for use in casual inter-office and client-facing emails when you want to seem extremely funny.

4. Filto

Sometimes, simple is best. Sometimes, a modest filter that ups contrast or adds a subtle style is exactly what the social media manager ordered. If you’re in that situation, reach for Filto.

In the above example, we filmed our beloved mascot, Canuck, and used Filto to apply several different kinds of filters. Some are subtle and others add a more pronounced rainbow effect. Either way, Filto ups your game.

How to use Filto for your business: If you’d like to style up your Instagram Stories (more on that below) or otherwise edit a video’s appearance before posting from your mobile device, Filto is a great choice. It’s a great way to dramatize the architecture of one of your locations, or add depth to a behind-the-scenes product shoot.

5.  Instagram Stories

Not to beat a tired moose, but Instagram Stories is the best mobile video tool you already have on your phone. As a way to compete with up-and-comer TikTok** and mainstay Snapchat, Instagram is adding new features pretty much daily.

The above example uses the Superzoom format available in Stories, which adds fun stickers, music, and effects according to a theme. There’s heart, fire, sad face, and sparkle … we invite you to try them on your coworkers right now if you’re not familiar.

How to use Instagram Stories for your business: There’s absolutely no limit to what you can accomplish for your brand using Instagram Stories. This topic warrants its own post, but we’ll take a mini deep-dive below:

Story Mode Name What It Is Uses for Business
Live Live video, streamed in real time to your followers (they’ll get a notification that you’re live depending on their notification preferences) Go live in your booth at a trade show to give media and/or potential meet-and-greets a look at your booth
 Create Text-based format with customizable colored backgrounds Share a pull-quote from a media placement or a blog post that demonstrates your subject matter expertise
Normal When you want to shoot straight-up video or images The limit does not exist
Boomerang Video format that loops your shot back in reverse, creating an enticing “see-saw” effect Share yourself cheersing with customers at a client gala or at happy hour and tag them saying, “so thankful for partners like _____!”
Superzoom Zoom-based effect that adds motion, stickers, music, and effects according to a theme (see above) React to a new product with the hearts Superzoom to preview it to your followers
Hands-Free Basically “Normal” mode, but you don’t have to use your hands to hold down the record button A product tutorial that requires both hands or a two-person interview that uses a tripod for stability

Now, Let’s Cut to a BIG Caveat

With the advent of mobile tools like the ones we reviewed above, one thing is clear: everyone can be a creator. But, not everyone has the skills, artistic vision, and experience necessary to create high-end videos for use on television, display advertising, and in other high-def formats.

When you need Addy-worthy video production services, contact Element and ask for video. Here’s a sneak peek at what our video production specialist can do for your business.

Looking for help with social media? Nice! We’re great at that, too.

*Specialist is a serious understatement. Jedi is a closer approximation.

**Honorable mention: TikTok, the music lover’s mobile video app for social. Read more about TikTok for your marketing strategy here.


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