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Element Cinemagraph Series: Q&A with Video Production Specialist Anders Goderstad

We’re kicking off June’s showcase series with a clever cinemagraph that has us all itching to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Here at Element, we love giving our creatives the freedom to explore techniques and hone in on new skills in a fun and relaxed way.

We put our new video production specialist, Anders Goderstad, up to the test to design a cinemagraph that not only expresses his personality, but is also catchy and unique.

A cinemagraph blends still photography with motion video to create an element of surprise. One portion of the cinemagraph moves in a continuous loop while the rest remains completely still. These fun scroll-stoppers have been proven to be highly effective in social media, digital advertising, and on websites.

Take a look at Anders’ masterpiece below and read what he had to say about his hobby – as well as some fantastic work he’s completed during his first few months at Element.

Check it out live on Element’s Facebook.

Q: So, frolfing … clearly that’s you in your cinemagraph. Tell us: are you a power, fan, modified power grip guy? Backhand? Forehand? Tell us your secrets.

Anders Goderstad: Whatever gets the job done! I’m going to be honest though, I had to do a quick google search for “modified power grip.”

We like your style. No need to overthink the game when you consistently produce results.

Q: Where should we be frolfing in the Fox Valley?

Anders Goderstad: You’ll find me most often at Baird Creek in Green Bay, but Plamann Park in Appleton and Grignon Park in Kaukauna are the other ones in the area I most frequently go to.

Q: We know you’re a big sports fan – what’s your favorite team right now?

Anders Goderstad: I love my Green Bay Packers … But it’s basketball season now, so I’m all about my Golden State Warriors.

Since you mentioned the Green Bay Packers, we’ll let your apparent betrayal for the Milwaukee Bucks slide. 😉

Q: Your love of the Golden State Warriors probably has nothing to do with your involvement* in the recent Action Floors video featuring Zaza Pachulia, huh? 🏀

Anders Goderstad: Actually, I’ve been a fan of the Warriors since I was a little kid for no other reason than that I liked their logo and played as them in video games. These days, I obviously follow them for much different reasons, but this all made meeting Zaza Pachulia while working on the Action Floors video even more of a very cool experience.

That’s awesome, Anders. You did an incredible job on the Action Floors video featuring Zaza Pachulia. We have the video below for those who haven’t seen it!

Q: You also recently shot a video all about Element for our American Marketing Association #TriviaThrowdown. What was your favorite part of filming that?

Anders Goderstad: Shooting that video was a great opportunity to get more familiar with different members of the team here and put deeper thought into Element’s culture personally and professionally and why it works so well. Being the newest member of the team, I think it gave me the unique opportunity to capture and communicate what makes Element a great place to work, because my exposure to it all was still very fresh and new. Sharing the video with the rest of the team was probably my favorite part of working on it.

Well, we’ve got to say, Anders, your work on the Element video perfectly encapsulates what our crew is all about. For those who haven’t seen it, check the video out!

Shake Up Your Marketing with Cinemagraphs & Video

As marketers, we’re constantly challenged to capture the attention of our audience in innovative ways. Both video and cinemagraphs get viewers to slow their scroll – they can engage buyers, encourage social sharing, boost conversion rates, and help build trust.

If you’re looking to incorporate more action into your marketing strategy, let the creatives at Element help you identify opportunities for your brand—and then create a lead-generating masterpiece that your employees will be proud to share. Contact us today!


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