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Element Employees Showcase Their Unique Talents!

Creative design and marketing isn’t all we’re good at here at Element. In fact, our employees possess a wealth of talents to share with the world! This month, we’re taking time to highlight some of our employees’ unique talents outside of the workplace.

Mike D., Account Strategist – Birdwatchers of Northeastern Wisconsin, rejoice! Mike can identify more than 100 different birds based on their song. He’s also a strong Frisbee player and can toss a disc a good 60 yards with a light to moderate tailwind.


Tara, Director of Public Relations  With an exceptional amount of talent, some may consider Element a modern circus, and luckily for Tara, her skills are welcomed in both! As a former gymnast, Tara possesses the unique ability to walk on her hands (but don’t expect her to start writing press releases with her feet).


Kate, Digital Marketing Specialist – Along with a meager 10% – 20% of the population, Kate’s rare talent is that she’s an extraordinary ear wiggler.

Eric, Copywriter/Assistant Creative Director – Eric gives a whole new meaning to the term “metal mouth.” His special abilities include fitting a standard 12 oz. aluminum can between his teeth. We won’t even ask how he discovered this skill …


Ann, Director of Publications – As the Shakespeare of the Element team, Ann often invents her own words when no dictionary-approved ones come to mind.


Ryan, Senior Web Developer – You could say Ryan is into “stuff” – he’s best known for his taxidermy abilities. He’s also a terrific trap shooter.


Sue, Business Manager – Dubbed the “Witch Doctor” of Element, Sue is known to recommend remedies for any ailment an employee may be suffering from. She also has the ability to clean anything. We’ll remember that one next time the microwave needs a scrub …


Lori, Senior Graphic Designer – When she’s not designing graphics, you may find Lori along the shores of Lake Michigan in the bay racing sailboats with three to five other competitive souls at a time.


Kasey, Content Marketing Specialist – Content marketing specialist by day, puppeteer by night. Kasey’s love for storytelling led him to the theatrical art form of putting on puppet performances. Whether they’re for his children or for profit, he has yet to say.

Jamie, Traffic Manager – Aside from her impressive camera collection, Jamie prides herself on being the team’s Albert Einstein. More times than not, Jamie is already solving a problem long before it reaches surface level.


Kara, Account Executive/Brand Strategist – When Kara isn’t busy representing clients, she’s in the kitchen whipping up a mean pimento spread! She also possesses the unique ability to cross her eyes in crazy ways.

Emma, Content Marketing Specialist – Though she has a knack for critiquing takeout menus, her true gift is incorporating bacon into any recipe.


Shawn, Art Director – Since 1995, Shawn has participated in more than 100 sanctioned and unsanctioned Magic: The Gathering tournaments throughout the Midwest. He’s sitting comfortably on thousands of dollars’ worth of traded, purchased, and won collectible cards, though he’s not looking to cash out any time soon.


Chloe, Public Relations Specialist – Ever wish you knew that one person who could squeeze into small spaces and fetch your lost items for you? Wish no more! Chloe’s claim to fame is her ability to comfortably fit into dryers.


Aaron, Art Director – Aaron is a wizard with tabletop game design, though he’s also known for his ability to relentlessly herd his kids through their bedtime routine. Both are impressive, indeed!


At Element, our talents are as unique as our job candidates. Do you have a special skill that would make you a good fit for our team? If so, be sure to check out our open positions and apply today!


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