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Leveraging Digital Marketing to Fill Open Job Positions

When company growth is larger than employee production, recruitment becomes the focus of Human Resources. The “We’re Hiring” sign isn’t having the same results it used to. In a market with competitive pay, various benefits, and a small talent pool, employers are having to sell themselves to candidates while keeping up with day-to-day production through employee retainment.

The need to fill open employment positions in the local Green Bay, WI job market posed a challenge for a local manufacturing company. Watch how Element used digital marketing tactics to create a cost-savings strategy. Marketing combined with human resources resulted in a strategic digital plan of targeted paid efforts, optimization, and complete application process audits; the two teams were better together. The result? A $40,000 decrease in hiring costs and 60 open positions filled in 90 days.

Recruitment shouldn’t be the last stop, either. Once you’ve hired your new staff members, remember the importance of retaining employees. Continue the partnership of marketing and HR during recruitment and retainment efforts to achieve an efficient, happy workforce. We’ve compiled a couple helpful resources.

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