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What is Instagram’s Threads and How Could it Impact Your Marketing Efforts?

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If you’re reading this, your newsfeeds are likely abuzz with the newest entry into the social stratosphere, Instagram’s new app named Threads. Within 24 hours, it had already racked up 30 million users.

What is Threads?

Launched July 5, Threads is a new mobile social media app from Meta, the infamous tech giant that also owns Instagram and Facebook. Threads is positioned to be a direct competitor to Twitter, a timely decision based on recent changes to Twitter.

Thread posts can use up to 500 characters (compared to Twitter’s 280-character threshold) and include links, photos, GIFs, and videos up to five minutes long. Integration is easy, as posts can be seamlessly shared to Instagram and linked to from other social platforms.

Unlike Twitter, Threads doesn’t appear to have a hashtag feature or offer a way to search for specific content. Additionally, the Threads timeline (feed) isn’t chronological, with the algorithm instead favoring posts from accounts you follow, and those Meta chooses to serve. Another key differentiator is that the main Threads feed includes posts from accounts you don’t follow, something that is restricted to an alternate (“For You”) timeline on Twitter.

How can I sign up for Threads?

It’s simple to sign up for Threads, a benefit of the app being built by Instagram, a notoriously user-friendly social platform.

• Step 1: Download the Threads app on your smartphone
• Step 2: Sign in with Instagram
• Step 3: Add details to your profile, including a bio and profile photo (these can be imported from Instagram)
• Step 4: Decide whether your profile will be private or public
• Step 5: Follow accounts you want to engage with
• Step 6: Browse, share, and post to your heart’s content (although we recommend being strategic about it … more on that later)

Can you use Threads without an Instagram account?

Yes, you can access Threads on desktop without an account, but it’s read-only.

How are brands using Threads?

Brands are (so far) much quirkier and risqué on Threads, likely testing the waters before establishing their Threads-specific content strategy and tone. We expect early adopters of the platform will have the most luck with followership and engagement, as their presence will have grown with Threads since day one.

In the first few days, messages have two popular themes: creating quippy, Threads-referential posts or posting Twitter-like, text-based content intended to engage users in 10 words or less.

screenshot from instagrams app threads from eatdeux

tsa and warby parker posts on threads the new instagram social app

threads post from elf cosmetics showing social media content strategy and tone

How can your business use Threads?

Threads is shiny and new, and brands are jumping onto the platform. Before you take the leap, consider whether it’s right for your business. If you already have a robust Twitter strategy centered on engagement and conversation, Threads could be a great space to experiment and see what returns are possible.

Can I place ads on Threads?

It’s not possible to place ads on Threads yet, but advertisers and big brands are keeping a close eye on the platform, instead focusing on establishing an organic presence so they can hop on testing ads as soon as possible.

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