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Pets of Element

If you visit Element on any given day, you’ll likely see car windows smudged by dog noses and offices filled with cute cat photos. You may even see some fresh eggs in the fridge. It’s obvious that we’re pet people, so before you can truly know us, you need to familiarize yourself with the furry faces of our pets. 


  • Owner: Kayla, Account Coordinator
  • Age: 12
  • Favorite food: Peanut butter toast or vanilla ice cream
  • Typical mood: Happy to see anyone and everyone
  • Favorite word: “Baby” (He has over 25 stuffed animals that he treats as his “babies”)
  • Cool tricks: Hide and seek

Owner story: Oreo is the best dog that we could ever ask for. He was the last puppy left and the runt of the litter, but we won the puppy lottery with him. He’s my best buddy!


  • Owner: Kayla, Account Coordinator
  • Age: 10
  • Favorite food: Anything and everything (but especially licorice and root beer)
  • Typical mood: Sassy!
  • Favorite word: “Treats”
  • Cool tricks: Giving kisses

Owner story: I’ve had her since she was just one week old. I was 11 at the time I got her, so we’ve gotten to grow, learn, and train together.


  • Owner: Molly, Account Assistant/Receptionist
  • Age: 4
  • Favorite food: Peanut butter
  • Typical mood: Chill and goofy
  • Favorite phrase: “Wanna go … ?”
  • Cool tricks: Among his many talents, Harv can hold three tennis balls in his mouth and kick around a fourth. Let’s see you try that, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Owner story: Harvey was the last puppy left in an accidental litter of 13, and we couldn’t have asked for a better dog! He’s named after the town he was born in: Harvey, Michigan.


  • Owner: Jenna, Graphic Designer
  • Age: 1 year
  • Favorite food: Ice cubes
  • Typical mood: Wiggly
  • Favorite phrase: “Are you hungry?”
  • Cool tricks: Rey is a hunter in training! She enjoys fetching ducks and dummies all day.

Owner story: Rey is named after Rey from Star Wars. My husband and I couldn’t come to terms on a name until he suggested Rey, an intelligent, strong female, for probably the third time. Though we’re working on the intelligent part, Rey is beginning to live up to her name. We’re waiting for her to tap into The Force, but her tail has made items fly across the room, Jedi-style.


  • Owner: Jenna, Graphic Designer
  • Age: 3
  • Favorite food: Anything she can reach on the counter
  • Typical mood: Judgey
  • Favorite phrase: “Go get the birdies!”
  • Cool tricks: Besides being able to contort her body in such a way that she can reach the back of any kitchen counter, Archer is obsessed with her paws. Every Christmas she asks Santa for thumbs. She likes you to hold her paws, rub her paws, give her high fives, and she swats cellphones away with one swift swipe of the paw.

Owner story: Archer is named after a font, not the TV show. Like the font, she is sophisticated, crisp, precise, not too traditional, and a little trendy. Unlike the font, she is mischievous and constantly plotting her revenge on the humans of the house as well as her sister. She is regularly found perched on her throne in the living room, gazing down at all the peasants, evaluating their worth. If you do not meet her standards, you will find yourself swatted in the face with an elegant paw. All hail Queen Archer!


  • Owner: Kara, Account Executive/Brand Strategist
  • Age: 8
  • Favorite food: Anything my kids, or anyone for that matter, throw on the floor
  • Typical mood: Lazy and sleepy
  • Favorite phrase: “Who’s here?”
  • Cool tricks: Jumping over the kiddie gate while we are gone

Owner story: I rescued Grizz from New Pawsibilities in Oshkosh after he was saved from a kill shelter in Kentucky. I knew I wanted a lab and when I saw him I knew he was for me! He’s a little scrappy looking with scars on his snout, so I assume he was on the run or in a rough spot for a while. Grizz is loyal and a very good watch dog, but pretty dense at times. The other day we left him outside for a few hours without being tied up and he was still waiting for us at the back door when we got home! I guess he’s happy enough with us to stay.


  • Owner: Kasey, Content Marketing Specialist
  • Age: 11
  • Favorite food: Beef jerky
  • Typical mood: Anxiously energetic
  • Favorite phrase: “Wanna go outside?”
  • Cool tricks: High fiving and entertaining himself with a tennis ball for hours

Owner story: Webster came from the Bay Area Humane Society where they called him Gavin (a horrible dog name). My wife picked him out a month after we got married. When Webster first came home, he had bad kennel cough with bright green snot hanging out of his nose. They told us he would grow to be a medium-sized dog, but he hardly grew at all. So, even though he’s an old guy now, he has what I call a “perma-puppy” look.


  • Owner: Marcus, Content Marketing Analyst
  • Age: 1
  • Favorite food: Cheddar cheese
  • Typical mood: Laid back
  • Favorite word: “Treat”
  • Cool tricks: Switching from being asleep to jumping all over you in 0.5 seconds

Owner story: Hattie is a rescue dog from the Fox Valley Humane Society. She gets her name from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where she’s from originally. Her brother must have been hogging all of the food because when we saw Hattie she was skin and bones. That made us feel sorry enough for her to adopt her even though we really didn’t want a big dog!


  • Owner: Eric, Copywriter, Asst. Creative Director
  • Ages: 9 months

Owner story: Named after Spider-Man’s deadliest villains, brothers Venom (black and white) and Carnage (not black and white) were adopted at 16 weeks from Neenah’s Orphan Animal Rescue & Sanctuary (OARS). Since December 2016, they’ve failed to live up to their names; they’re just too darn snuggly.


  • Owner: Sue, Business Manager, and her daughter, Ali (get it?)
  • Age: 4
  • Favorite food: Anything on the countertop, especially shrimp
  • Typical mood: Loving and inquisitive
  • Favorite word: “Hungry” (Always responds with an alert look and a meow)
  • Cool tricks: She has no tricks, but she must have been a dog in her past life. Nina comes running to the door when you come home, loves to go for car rides, and walks on a leash if she’s able to lead. She also kisses on command!

Owner story: Nina was found in a cat carrier in a parking lot by a woman who is allergic to cats. My daughter took her because the woman couldn’t keep her, and she’s been the boss of the house ever since.


  • Owner: Shawn, Sr. Graphic Designer
  • Age: Lifespans are typically 2 years
  • Favorite food: Fruit and vegetable food scraps (especially watermelon and pineapple rinds!)
  • Typical mood: Jittery and upbeat
  • Favorite phrase: They don’t seem to respond to verbal stimuli
  • Cool tricks: They can turn peat moss and veggies into rich potting soil

Owner story: Just keep their indoor bin damp, throw eggshells and potato peels at ‘em, and everyone is happy. Note that because earthworms have both reproductive organs, they all have unisex names: Chris, Alex, Pat, Dakota, Sean, Jaden, Erin, etc.


  • Owner: Joel, Art Director
  • Age: 7
  • Favorite food: Dingo bones and peanut butter
  • Typical mood: Barky
  • Favorite phrase: “Want to go for a walk?”
  • Cool tricks: Complete mastery of self-control in front of a placed treat before given the green light to eat it

Owner story: Hurley is very in tune with my emotions. If I’m watching an episode of The Walking Dead and I blurt out an expletive in response to a shocking twist, he’ll barrel down the hallway, jump on the couch, and have his face an inch from mine with a look of extreme concern. Then he makes me put a quarter in the swear jar. Another time, I was really upset and he noticed that something was up, so he jumped up on the couch and put his head on my shoulder.


  • Owner: Ryan, Sr. Web Developer
  • Age: 24
  • Favorite food: Zagnut Candy Bars
  • Typical mood: Bearable
  • Favorite phrase: “Who’s a good bear?!”
  • Cool tricks: Catching salmon

Owner story: He is a brute of a bear so I named him Brutus. I like to ride on his back like a fuzzy tractor in my spare time. 


  • Owner: Emma, Content Marketing Specialist
  • Age: 2
  • Favorite food: Bacon
  • Typical mood: Playful, but timid
  • Favorite phrase: “Hi, girl!”
  • Cool tricks: Chew everything in and out of sight

Owner story: My husband and I adopted Summer from a rescue organization called RezDawg Rescue in Boulder, Colorado. The organization rescues neglected and abused dogs and cats found on various reservations in New Mexico and Colorado. As a puppy, she was severely abused and had been with multiple foster families when we adopted her. The woman who was fostering her at the time I adopted her ended up becoming one of my best friends and even attended my wedding last fall. It’s crazy how pets bring people together. We have been working with Summer for two years now to help her become more trusting of strangers. We have a long way to go, but she’s a dramatically different pup than when we first met her.


  • Owner: Lori, Sr. Graphic Designer
  • Age: 10
  • Favorite food: Wet cat food (he screams for it when I get home)
  • Typical mood: Sassy
  • Favorite phrase: “Sweet boy”
  • Cool tricks: Garbage can diving, snuggling, dinner table begging

Owner story: We found Sam at Happily Ever After where he had lived for 3 years. When we saw him, he looked like he was ready to get out of there. So, we took him home. He is pretty much a goof ball who loves laying on his back in front of the fire place, playing with our puppy Piper, sleeping on laps, and getting full body scratches. He is an awesome little guy.


  • Owner: Lori, Sr. Graphic Designer
  • Age: 3
  • Favorite food: All treats
  • Typical mood: Goofy
  • Favorite phrase: “Baby Girl”
  • Cool tricks: Playing hide and seek, crawling, shaking, and sitting pretty

Owner story: Piper is always happy and smiling. Most days she goes to work with Mark and gets to meet all kinds of people. She loves car rides, playing with her Frisbee and ball, chasing squirrels and deer in our yard, visiting our neighbors, playing with our cat, Sam (she usually loses), and digging holes in the yard.


  • Owner: Chloe, Public Relations Specialist
  • Age: 8 months
  • Favorite food: Socks, rugs, and disclaimer: gross, all kinds of poop
  • Typical mood: Wanting to hang out with mom
  • Favorite phrase: “DAYCARE!”
  • Cool tricks: It took three months, but Otis knows “down” now

Owner story: As a herding dog with herding instincts, he tries to herd me around the house. He attempts to herd the cats too, but that’s a little tougher.


  • Owner: Chloe, Public Relations Specialist
  • Age: 3 years
  • Favorite food: Ice cream from the bottom of mom’s bowl
  • Typical mood: Relaxed
  • Favorite word: “CATNIP!”
  • Cool tricks: Yeah … no.

Owner story: Chuck was the first rescue kitty we brought home. We adopted him at 8 weeks. He’s been with us through two homes now and has endured welcoming two other pets into the home. He’s been a champ. He’s also my spirit animal.


  • Owner: Chloe, Public Relations Specialist
  • Age: 1 year
  • Favorite food: Catnip
  • Typical mood: Lovey (Wanting all the loves, pets, and attentions)
  • Favorite phrase: None
  • Cool tricks: None—she does what she wants

Owner story: Daphne is the smallest adult cat I’ve seen. Yet, she’s the only animal in the house that stands up to the vacuum cleaner!


  • Owner: Derek, Director of Digital Marketing
  • Age: 7
  • Favorite food: Ice cream
  • Typical mood: Cheerful, loyal, and compassionate
  • Favorite phrase: “Do you wanna … ?”
  • Cool tricks: High five, fist bump, and staying nearby outside without supervision

Owner story: Addy was a surprise gift for my wife’s 24th birthday. She was welcomed into our home at six weeks old after her mother was no longer able to feed her.


  • Owner: Aaron, Art Director
  • Ages: Just a few weeks old

Owner story: We recently picked up four little chickens for our backyard coop—yay for tasty eggs! We picked up the 2-day-old chicks at the post office early one morning and let our kids name them.

We hope that by meeting our pets, you feel like you know the team at Element a little better. If not, check out the updated candid photos on our Culture page or peruse our agency portfolio.

Want to join our dog, cat, bird, bear, and worm-friendly office? Great news: we’re hiring! Submit your resume, cover photo, and a cute animal photo and we’ll be in touch. In the meantime, keep up with us and our animal friends on the socials.


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