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Why Traditional Media Should Marry Digital Media

Three ways traditional and digital media can work together

It’s no secret that today we live in a digital world. We’ve evolved from a paperboy selling newspapers on street corners to consuming the latest news on social media. We receive information within seconds at our fingertips instead of reading an announcement in the local paper, so why is traditional media still a crucial part of marketing? Just as importantly, why do we think it should marry digital media?

Here are three reasons why we think traditional media should marry digital media for a dual approach to media.

1. Traditional Media is more recognizable and trustworthy.

Traditional media, such as newspapers, radio, and television, are the backbone of media. People consider it more trustworthy than what they read online. In fact, 65% of Americans expect the information they find on social media to be inaccurate or can’t be verified. Traditional media has been found as a reliable source, so why not pair it with digital media to bring people reliable information at the click of a button and effectively cross content.

2. Traditional Media is already making a comeback in a digital world.

When digital media made its presence known, traditional media was pushed to the backburner. However, it never really left. Viewerships for magazines, television, and radio are all expected to continue rising in the next few years. Plus, digital media is helping traditional outlets, such as The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, grow by supporting their online presence. With traditional media making a comeback in a digital world, why not create the ultimate team and pair the two together?

3. Most Americans still get their news from traditional media.

Pew Research Center conducted a study and found 57% of Americans get their news from television, followed by news websites (33%) and radio (26%). With two of the top three ways Americans receive their news being traditional, it just makes sense to use the power of digital media to marry traditional media for the reliable presence it already has.

Finding the right balance between traditional and digital media can be difficult, but that’s where we come in. Send us a message, and we can help determine how to best bring your digital and traditional media efforts together.


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