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5 Tips for Marketing to a Gen Z Audience

Wow, you’ve found another blog article that’s going to reveal the secret to advertising to zoomers. Let’s start this off with some good news. There is no secret. Gen Z was practically born with an iPad in its collective hands and as such, the dizzying array of online content has spurred a quest for the truth and a deep desire for authenticity. Long story short, they have places to be!

1. Be Authentic – But Actually Authentic

Gen Z appears to be mostly free from the social anxiety of millennials and the detached, cynical irony of Gen X. They can see fake, performative consciousness coming from a mile away. Actions speak louder than words. Don’t “tell them” you care about various causes or issues, prove it with action.

2. UX Matters

Zoomers haven’t just gotten used to the digital age—they were born in it and molded by it. But even so, they may be somewhat less “tech-y” than their millennial forebears as the functionality of most modern computing devices have abstracted away the functionality behind simple, intuitive user interfaces. Think of the action you want your audience to take and make it as few steps as necessary to get there.

3. Lead Gen is Changing

If you’re going to gate content, you better have a darn good reason for doing it. An offer needs to be real and tangible. Gen Z users have grown up in an online world where anonymity is no longer guaranteed, and privacy is paramount.

4. The Post–Scarcity of Content

Services like Amazon Prime and, well every streaming platform, have made delayed gratification a thing of the past. Gen Z is far more tolerant of daily updates and content drips than an older audience might be, and if you’re not on their screens frequently, you’re losing out on their share of attention.

5. Build Your Community

Reputation matters. Authentic online reviews are crucial to the decision-making process, as is a place where Gen Z users can congregate and have two-way conversations with the stewards of your brand. Social media pages, groups, and chats become essential ways of disseminating information about new offerings and are a great way to build (semi) organic hype.


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