Feeling Royal with Element’s Newest PR Specialist

The Element Public Relations department is booming! And, we’ve made another addition to the team. We sat down with Becca Doyle, our new PR Specialist, to get the play-by-play on rugby tactics, British royalty, and coffee cravings.

Question: You’ve recently moved out of the hustle and bustle of Milwaukee and into the more laid-back lifestyle of the Fox Cities – what are you most excited about?

Becca: Is it bad to say the extra 45 minutes of sleep now that my commute is cut in half? But also, the people. People are so much friendlier in the Fox Cities, and it’s super refreshing.

Q: As a former rugby player, what tactics can you carry over from your rugby playing days into your PR career?

B: There’s a definite stubbornness that applies to both PR and rugby. You also learn not to let anyone give you a hard time and need to know how to take a hit. Luckily, the concussions I get in the office aren’t as big.

Q: If you had to choose a tattoo to exemplify your PR personality, what would it be?

B: I would get a coffee mug tattoo because I require an adequate amount of caffeine at all times to keep chuggin’ along. PR is nonstop so I have to stay on my toes.

Q: Who is your PR role model?

B: I’m low-key (a.k.a. blatantly) in love with the British monarchy, so Kate Middleton is one of my favorites. While Kate might not be your first thought as a PR role model, she handles the media and public with absolute poise, NEVER looks flustered or mussed, and is always on her A game. Plus, she has cute kids, and who doesn’t love those?

Q: If you could be a character from any movie or TV show, who would you be and why?

B: You know how in every rom-com (and I mean literally EVERY SINGLE ONE), there’s a smart-ass best friend who shows up every few scenes, delivers a punchy one-liner, and then leaves? Yup, that would be me. Not a specific character per say, but definitely a recurring one.

It sounds like our office just gained a lot more talent … and attitude. We’re happy to have you, Becca!

Canuck MooseThe Unofficial Element Spokes-Moose
Canuck is a surprisingly intelligent and humorous character that could talk your ear off. He loves life, learning new things and, most of all, sharing new insight with people. He’s adjusted well since emigrating to the U.S. from Canada and settling down at Element. In fact, he’s taken strongly to blogging about marketing, branding, social media, and the Element office happenings. He’s still very loyal to his homeland, insisting that hockey is the only real-man’s sport, pancakes are acceptable at any meal, and Canadian beer is superior to the swill made everywhere else.