November 29, 2016

Emma Nelson Explains How to Get Into the Holiday Spirit

Feeling a little more “Bah-humbug” than Joy to the World right now? No worries, we’ve got just the person to help.

Emma Nelson joined Element this fall as a content marketing specialist, but she’s also our in-house expert on the holidays.

A native of Rhinelander, she recently moved back to Wisconsin from Colorado where she was working as a freelance writer for a variety of clients, from horse supplement makers and financial planners to magazines for baby boomers.

We quickly learned that Emma loves the holiday season, Christmastime in particular. So we thought it would be a great idea to let her cheer up the Grinches and Scrooges out there this time of year.

If the holidays feel like a drag and your life’s a little too hectic, Emma’s attitude will help you get some jingle back in your bells.

Q: First things first, which state is better for celebrating Christmas and why: Colorado or Wisconsin?

That’s a tough one … Christmas in Colorado was pretty cool, because it was often 50° and sunny on Christmas day, but here in Wisconsin, we almost ALWAYS have a white Christmas, (which happens to be one of my top three favorite movies, so ….)

Q: If you had to pick one of the following, what would you recommend to help boost someone’s holiday spirit?

Holiday movie:

Elf. Who doesn’t love Will Ferrell in green tights?

Holiday music (song or album):

Bing Crosby’s Christmas album (titled “Merry Christmas” – who would have thought?).

Holiday treat:

Pickled herring. The Dane in me can’t get enough!

Holiday drink:

You’d half expect me to say egg nog, but truth be told I’m repulsed by it. So I’d say dark roasted coffee with a generous splash of Irish cream.

Holiday activity:

My mom, sister and I have had a cutout cookie decorating tradition for as long as I can remember. Each year, we make about 10 different shapes using my late grandma’s homemade sugar cookie recipe and spend an entire evening decorating cookies with various sprinkles, frosting colors, etc. One year, we made almost the entire Badgers and Packers football teams as gingerbread men.

Q: You’ve got a son who is almost 9-months old. What holiday traditions are you looking forward to starting as a mom?

I’m really looking forward to being able to pass on some of my family’s simple traditions, like decorating the tree (and every other room in the house), driving around town to look at light displays, making chocolate chip pancakes on Christmas morning, and playing Monopoly from sun up to sun down.

In general, I’m excited to celebrate this time of year with him and hopefully begin new traditions that he’ll be able to pass on when he’s older.

Q: If you were creating your own scented Christmas candle, what would it smell like and why?

It would be a perfect blend of caramelized fried apples and fresh laundry, still warm from the dryer. There’s not much better than the smell and feel of soft, toasty warm bedding and towels right out of the dryer.

What’s Emma’s Christmas Character?

To wrap things up and help you get to know the real Emma Nelson, we asked her to take a Buzz Feed personality test.

This questionnaire determines which popular holiday movie character most closely resembles your attitude towards the Yuletide season.

Honestly, Emma’s results were no big surprise. She got Buddy the Elf! Is there anyone in pop culture history who has more holiday spirit than Buddy the Elf?

Now that you know a little about Emma, find out a lot about the movie Elf. Check out the video clip below with 107 facts about the film!

Happy Holidays from everyone at Element!