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Lights, Camera, ROI – Top 5 Facts You May Not Know About Movie Theater Advertising


With the summer movie season just around the corner, people will soon be filing into cinemas across America to catch this season’s blockbusters. Why should we care? Because captive audiences waiting for their movie to start could mean increased revenue for your business through in-theater advertising.

Theater advertising is often an overlooked form of advertising when marketers create their media plan, partly because it is unfamiliar territory.

So grab your popcorn and candy for this list of 5 facts you probably didn’t know about movie theater advertising.

1.     Campaigns with cinema as part of a blended media strategy, on average, increase average sales 80%, a rate 19% greater than campaigns without cinema in their media mix.


2.     Campaigns with cinema can also roll in more dough and, on average, achieved an ROI of $4.08, which is significantly greater than no-cinema campaigns at $2.50.


3.     When put to the test during a recent men’s deodorant campaign, cinema ROI results were 2.5 times stronger than TV and 4 times stronger than online advertising methods.


4.     In 2012, adults 25-34 saw the most movies at the cinema (7.5 movies on average.)


5.   In recent study, 76% of moviegoers had used their smartphone for a movie-related task in the past 12 months.


Why is cinema advertising effective?

Cinema-goers often feel an emotional and engaging connection to their cinema experience. This experience makes them more receptive to an advertiser’s message. These ads are also delivered to a captive audience who is free from other distractions that prevail in a day-to-day environment such as mobile devices and tablets.


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