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7 Steps to Becoming the Chewbacca Mom of Social Media Live Video

Did we hook you with that title? If so, we’re using the famous post-viral video Chewbacca Mom (also known as Candace Payne) as an expression of everything that works for live video, even for businesses. In her now famous four minutes of giggling, Candace accomplishes four essential things that can translate directly from consumer video to branded marketing message.

Candace Payne in all her Wookiee-clad glory (via Jon Deak)

1| She’s genuine
It’s clear that Candace is a real, approachable person. Between her pronunciation of the word “confiscate” and the term “internet-webs,” she sounds like all of us. Perhaps more importantly, she’s likable. As a viewer, it’s impossible to not want to text her about going out for coffee.

2| She has fun
If you’ve seen the video (it has over 9 million views, so you probably have) you know that she’s famous for her rollicking laughter. When you have live fun, so does your viewer.

3| She stays on brand
It’s been said that Candace’s personal brand is “joy evangelist.” If that’s true, she never deviates from her brand in the video. She internalizes her brand personality and accomplishes her objective, which is to spread boisterous laughter across the globe.

4| She sells product
Not only does Candace slide in a plug for Kohl’s, she also lets the Star Wars™ logo slide in frame organically throughout the video. After watching, we wanted that mask. Kohl’s, let us know when that’s back in stock.

The business side effects of live video

If you’re still wondering whether social media live streaming has relevant business applications, consider that 89% of people who watch live streams have watched content from brands at least once. In a specific example, Snap stories for the NBA All-Star Game led to an increase of 11 points in brand awareness and a “33% lift in purchase intent.”

When you evaluate live video’s viral potential as well as its documented business victories, it becomes clear: many social media strategies will be incomplete without this piece. Here’s how to handle this for a B2B audience, without any hiccups or snafus.

Best practices: Live streaming for B2B audiences

1| Invest in equipment
Live streaming is meant to be organic, but it’s crucial to invest in a few key items: a good internet connection, a top-notch phone, a tripod for when you want to go hands-free, and a microphone to help boost sound quality.

2| Have a back-up plan
It’s hard to plan perfectly for a live event because usually, there are too many variables. Sometimes the main event you hoped to capture falls through, and you’re left pulling your hair trying to find a suitable replacement. Prevent scalp damage by devising a back-up plan. Think of something else noteworthy to record so you’re still able to fulfill any promises and meet your deadline.

3| If possible, choose your surroundings wisely
In Chewbacca Mom’s example, she chose her car’s quiet cabin. The business equivalent is a studio, if you have one, or at the very least a quiet room with sound-absorbing upholstery and a heavy door.

4| Go behind the scenes
The wise folks at Social Media Today suggest that there are several winning ways to use live video for B2B audiences. Walk customers through a new or complicated process, live-stream customer service wins, or post project updates in real time. Whatever path you choose, customers will appreciate the authentic glimpse into your company.

5| Have fun while providing something valuable
By definition, live video is fun. Feel free to loosen up and be yourself—this isn’t a professionally produced commercial. That said, make sure you have a reason for streaming and you know roughly what you’d like to communicate. For B2B audiences, it’s critical to zero in on something valuable they will benefit from. You might:

  • Explain an industry best practice
  • Answer a frequently-asked question
  • Demonstrate how a product works
  • Show off a product feature
  • Explore an industry trend

6| Always include events
Live video is ideal for events, as it’s a way for your audience to join in on the party as it happens, without leaving their Snuggie™. B2B events that make the live video hit list include:

  • Ribbon cuttings
  • Company picnics
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Corporate retreats
  • Team building events

7| Measure post-stream
As is the case for any piece of smart communication, measurement after the event is crucial. Most live streaming platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Stories, or Periscope provide valuable metrics on engagement and audience demographics. Who knew that live video could provide so much insight?

Ready to start streaming like a pro? Our uber-creative team has the experience and expertise to help you execute effective live videos with true viral potential. Give us a call at 920.983.9700, reach us at info@goelement.com, or contact us via the internet-webs today.


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