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Old-School Marketing Tactics (Almost) as Classic as the Golden Girls

With yearend approaching, we know developing a 2019 marketing strategy can be overwhelming, especially as you work to determine which tactics to send by the wayside and which to continue in the new year.

The same is true for Halloween costumes! That’s why this year, Element’s PR team decided to dress up as a long-standing classic: The Golden Girls. Much like the ever-popular show, there are certain marketing tactics that have stood the test of time and should not be forgotten.

Here to share old-school, but never outdated, tactics are the people in the golden age of their careers: our directors.

Dimensional Direct Mail

nikki director at element agency
Nikki, director of account services

Dimensional direct mail continues to be a tried-and-true marketing tactic. It can deliver your unique selling proposition, stand out in the clutter, and is memorable. When executed with a strategy in mind and as part of an integrated campaign, it can be highly impactful and measurable.

Banner Advertising

derek director at element agency
Derek, director of digital marketing

The first banner ad appeared on October 27, 1994. Netscape wasn’t even the internet browser of choice yet, and there was no such thing as banner blindness. At the time, it was the most innovative form of advertising, but today, banner advertising may seem ineffective and archaic. But, that is not the case.

Technology advancements have brought in a new era of targeting and execution capabilities, allowing marketers to leverage banner advertising in a whole new way. Now more commonly called display advertising, we can target niche audiences with ads that contain dynamic messaging based on specific user behavior and create remarketing engagement systems that align content promotion with the buyer’s journey. Plus, it’s all measurable to determine ROI.

Handwritten Note

tara director at element agency
Tara, director of public relations

Want to stand out in today’s hyper-connected world but not sure how? Instead of sending off an email, follow up with a handwritten card or note. Taking the time to send a personalized message to a prospective customer or client through the mail leaves a memorable, and tangible, impression that shows you are willing to go the extra mile.

Content Marketing

kasey director at element agency
Kasey, director of content marketing

Valuable information in the form of content sells. Advertisers have been doing it for decades. In his book “Ogilvy On Advertising,” legendary ad man David Ogilvy wrote, “On average, helpful information is read by 75 percent more people than copy, which deals only with the product.”

The image below shows a “How to” print ad from Ogilvy and Mather next to a “How to” blog post Element created for Water-Right’s content marketing program.


Ready to implement Golden Girls-quality marketing tactics as part of your 2019 strategy? Give us a call, grab a slice of cheesecake, and be ready to thank Element for being a friend.


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