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Second Place Medal, First Love

Account Executive Nikki Peroutka was devastated to find out she was not invited back to the recent Denmark Lions 5k. Peroutka, who ran a close race in excruciating heat last year, planned on being a front runner again this year.

“As a second place finisher last year, I never in a million years expected to be shunned by this organization,” Peroutka said. “I don’t know. Maybe they just wanted to give others a chance at the medal. It’s hard to hide my disappointment though.”

Peroutka was awarded a silver medal and has rarely been seen without it this entire last year.

“I’ve really only taken it off to go through airport security,” said Peroutka. “I even wore it on my wedding day earlier this year. I thought the red, white and blue was a beautiful complement to my white gown.”

Her husband Lance, who also ran the race in 2012, finds the attachment to her medal a bit odd and argued that Nikki at least take it off while they exchanged vows.

“She sleeps with it on, eats with it on, goes to work with it on and runs with it on. I’m beginning to feel like the medal means more to her than I do.” Lance said.

Peroutka has not given up hope that the Denmark Lions organization will have her back again some day. She is hoping to reunite with fellow medalists and reminisce about the 2012 race.


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