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A Second Element Office? That’s Party Worthy!

As Element’s most notable décor item, I, the unofficial Element spokes-moose, hang out and watch the creative magic happen every day. At least I thought I was seeing it all. Turns out, part of the crew is now in Neenah at a second Element office, and they had quite a shindig last night.

The open house was enjoyed by clients, friends, and various Fox Valley community members. There was food, music, and an official toast by our Agency Director Lance Peroutka using Final Proof, Element’s very own craft beer! (If you haven’t heard about Final Proof, click here.)

I’m always up for a good party, but my question was, “Why a second office?” Simply put our De Pere office is maxed out. Plus, with so many clients in the Fox Valley, as well as employees living thereabouts, it made sense to grow further south.

The crew is loving downtown Neenah thus far, and friends are always welcome to visit 126-1/2 W. Wisconsin Avenue. Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate. For those of you who couldn’t attend, here are some photos documenting the frolic and frenzy that took place.


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