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Element believes in supporting the local business community and developing actionable strategies that impact companies’ bottom lines. That’s why we were thrilled when asked to share ways Wisconsin manufacturers can strategize for success at the Manufacturing First Expo & Conference. The two-day event provided local companies with insights and trends on how to grow their businesses.

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Director of Digital Marketing
Officially, Derek is Element's Digital Marketing Director, specializing in search engine optimization, social media marketing, and website user experience design. However, outside the office, Derek cannot be pinned down to a single title, so let's go with "happy-hour-turned-late-nighter," "driveway fire-starter," "fins-up-Parrotheader," "world traveler," "Frisbee-throwing-dog-lover," and "up-to-the-minute digital dominator."

A Second Element Office? That’s Party Worthy!

As Element’s most notable décor item, I, the unofficial Element spokes-moose, hang out and watch the creative magic happen every day. At least I thought I was seeing it all. Turns out, part of the crew is now in Neenah at a second Element office, and they had quite a shindig last night.

The open house was enjoyed by clients, friends, and various Fox Valley community members. There was food, music, and an official toast by our Agency Director Lance Peroutka using Final Proof, Element’s very own craft beer! (If you haven’t heard about Final Proof, click here.)

I’m always up for a good party, but my question was, “Why a second office?” Simply put our De Pere office is maxed out. Plus, with so many clients in the Fox Valley, as well as employees living thereabouts, it made sense to grow further south.

The crew is loving downtown Neenah thus far, and friends are always welcome to visit 126-1/2 W. Wisconsin Avenue. Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate. For those of you who couldn’t attend, here are some photos documenting the frolic and frenzy that took place.

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The Unofficial Element Spokes-Moose
Canuck is a surprisingly intelligent and humorous character that could talk your ear off. He loves life, learning new things and, most of all, sharing new insight with people. He’s adjusted well since emigrating to the U.S. from Canada and settling down at Element. In fact, he’s taken strongly to blogging about marketing, branding, social media, and the Element office happenings. He’s still very loyal to his homeland, insisting that hockey is the only real-man’s sport, pancakes are acceptable at any meal, and Canadian beer is superior to the swill made everywhere else.

We Made a Beer! { FINAL PROOF }

What does a blend of creative juices, fresh hops, and heart & soul taste like?

As a longtime supporter of Wisconsin’s craft beer industry, Element has always offered our clients fresh brew on tap as well as bottles from our well-stocked D.B.F. (Dedicated Beer Fridge). However, we’ve now upped our “beer geek” cred a few levels higher—we brewed a unique Element beer!

Final Proof is Element’s statement beverage; an experimental beer that uses uncommon ingredients to match how we push limits to help our clients succeed. Never known as an agency to create something expected, we envisioned a beer with lemongrass, ginger, and fresh hops grown on Element’s back deck.

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Copywriter/Asst. Creative Director
Eric’s been doing this copy thing for a while; over 25 years now. He understands that proofreading, like any skill, requires focus and practice. Eric’s been knocking out creative copy with few errors (nobody’s perfect) at Element since 2009. And, he feels somewhat uncomfortable writing in the third person.

A Winner’s Perspective of the Element Games

5 days. 5 teams. 5 Element Games. All live-streamed on Element’s Facebook page.

element games gold teamYou’ve seen our Element staff roll around on office chairs and stuff marshmallows into our mouths, now we give you an inside look into the team that won it all. Eric, Tara, Chloe, Kara, and Aaron share their thoughts on what it feels like to be gold medalists in the Element Games.

“Wait … what? We won? How did we … who … wow.” – Ericthe teams compete in flonkerton

 It sounds like his shock stemmed from the Flonkerton race.

On a sunny August morning spirits were high as we gathered around five employees wearing cardboard boxes and flip-flops, one of which was Eric. While it doesn’t sound like much, you could feel the tension in the air. element games in de pere wisconsin

It didn’t look good for the now-champion team as Eric did not earn a medal. Despite Eric being thoroughly stretched out, Mike D. took home the win. Thankfully, Eric’s other team members rallied and started to win the other Element Games.

“Never underestimate my dedication to walking and carrying my precious morning coffee without spilling it. Practice makes gold.” – Kara

racing around element with coffeeKara competed in the Coffee Mug Chasea. Players raced while trying to not spill their oh so important caffinated beverage. Kara’s skill of moving fast while spilling less than others resulted in a first place win for her team.

Tacking this up on the medal board was a sudden game-changer for their team. Could this be an underdog story?

“I’ve been training relentlessly for this moment since I was a small child. Validation at last.” – Aaron

element games office chair wheelerWhile wheeling around on chairs seems like an odd hobby to have as a child, it might have paid off this time. The Office Chair Wheeler had Element employees outside in the parking lot cheering for their fellow team members. Our neighbors found it entertaining too.

Aaron sped through the parking lot bringing home the win for his team, making it two golds in a row. Could the underdog team really become the Phelps of the Element Games? Only the next two games would tell.

“I was pretty much the useless team member that could only fit 10 marshmallows in their mouth.” – Chloe

marshmallow mouth game We think her view on winning is not justified. While she did not win the Marshmallow Mouth, the Element Games were about teamwork. Chloe was able to rely on her team to still take home a gold medal in the end.

And to be honest, fitting ONLY 10 marshmallows is actually a great feat.

The Marshmallow Mouth while entertaining, was one of the most challenging Element Games. Molly was the winner, giving her team their second gold.

“At first, I thought the competition was going to be tough. Turns out none of those boys can bounce a ping pong ball to save their lives.” – Tara

tara plays pong bounce at elementThe final Element game was Pong Bounce. This required both skill and luck as competitors tossed ping pong balls into cups and containers on the kitchen counter from 12 feet above. While it sounds easy if you partook in typical college festivities like beer pong, this was a challenge even your most experienced frat boy couldn’t anticipate.

Tara had the perfect combination of aim and velocity as she gracefully tossed ping pong ball after ping pong ball into high-scoring containers. Her win ultimately secured the team’s championship.

So it feels great to be on the winning team, but how did the rest of Element’s employees feel about competing in these fun games? It fueled a competitive edge. We’ve seen employees subtly try to walk fast with full coffee mugs as they move around the office. Some have given up walking all together and just wheel their chair around building up leg strength. This practicing is understandable, because sometimes it takes another 4 years to prepare.


Element leads NWTC to award for referendum campaign

Who doesn’t like to be acknowledged for a job well done? Can’t imagine many, right?

Well, the team here at Element couldn’t be happier to congratulate our partner, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, on its recent award for the “Make a Difference. Lead the Way” campaign.

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Content Marketing & Public Relations Specialist
Bill is a recovering television journalist where he allegedly used the word 'allegedly' on an alleged daily basis. He loves brunching, bloody mary's and nachos. He forces himself to like running to enjoy more brunching, bloody's and nachos. He doesn't like the oxford comma (but is learning to love it) loves water skiing(,) and puppies.

Fresh Faces at Element: Welcome Jamie and Kasey to the Team

We’re growing fast at Element! There are a couple of new faces around here and we’re excited for you to meet them.

Jamie Weidman and Kasey Steinbrinck joined us in the midst of the holiday season. They’re already settled into their roles and getting stuff done.

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Moraine Park Technical College Taps Element as New Agency Partner

We have some exciting news!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve been officially named the agency of record for Moraine Park Technical College, one of Wisconsin’s leading technical colleges.

“Moraine Park prides itself on the training and mentorship students receive through our programs and from industry-experienced instructors,” said Moraine Park President, Bonnie Baerwald. “Working with Element will help us tell our story to prospective students, local industry professionals, and the wider community.”

As the agency of record, we’ll work with Moraine Park on their overall brand message, their annual report to the community, and other general marketing projects for three years.

“We’re thrilled to be partners with Moraine Park Technical College,” said Lance Peroutka, director and agency principal of Element. “There’s no mistaking the value of technical education right now, especially with the need for skilled workers in a variety of fields. We look forward to working with Moraine Park and helping them achieve their goals.”

To learn more about Moraine Park, visit

Celebrating 12 Years! 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Element

To celebrate our 12th anniversary as a business, we put together a handful of amusing tidbits about our fun-loving group:

  1. We were originally River North Communications, an agency set up to exclusively serve a traveling trade show to promote lodges and hunting trips in Canada. It wasn’t until 2003 that we changed our name to Element Creative.
  2. Lance and Aldis celebrated this fond occasion earlier in the week with some champagne and award-winning Kringle from Uncle Mike’s Bake Shoppe. If you must know, the cork did hit the ceiling.
  3. Lance has admitted he was wrong at least once. It was an apology to Moose for not giving him an Element hat sooner.Moose-Element-Creative
  4. Lori, a graphic designer, and Molly, our receptionist, swear they have different dogs, Piper (left) and Harvey (right). But many in the office believe they are clones.
  5. Eric (to the right) is our copywriter and associate creative directorEric-Element-Creative, but also holds the title of beerman. He makes sure the fridge is stocked with both old favorites and new brews for when we celebrate birthdays, Packers games, or just need to crack a cold one on Friday afternoon.
  6. We haven’t always been at 2081 Profit Place. We were originally at 2080 Profit Place just next door. Yes, we literally moved about 300 feet.
    An early morning view of Profit Place.

    And before that, we worked out of a basement with just three egress windows for natural light.

  7. Nikki, our director of account services, was originally hired as a designer until it was discovered she “designed big.” It was quickly realized she would be better suited for account work.
  8. Moose loves to give tours. He greets visitors right outside Aldis’ office.
  9. A few of the designers have motorcycle drag races from time to time, and it gets interesting when winter rolls around.
  10. Lance and Derek perform as the karaoke duo, “InVESTed,” at least once a month. They take their karaoke nights pretty seriously.
  11. Sue, our office manager, has processed roughly 15,000 job tickets since she started on Oct. 13, 2003 when Lance and Aldis bought the agency.
  12. We could probably survive the apocalypse with the amount of frozen pizzas we have in our freezer. Plus, both Joel and Mike Thornton are avid The Walking Dead fans – their knowledge would be quite invaluable.

Here’s to the future of Element and many more years of Kringle, drag racing, and matching vests!