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Cheers to 20 Years of Element: Commemorating Collaboration and Marketing Mastery

The year is 2003. “Finding Nemo” is the biggest movie of the year. “Friends” is still must-see TV. “The Da Vinci Code” is flying off bookshelves. And—drum roll—Element is born … along with our Get Real attitude and an approach that aligns marketing with sales.    

Started in 2003 as a traditional ad agency, Element has since grown into a fully integrated marketing agency that continually pushes for innovation and generates creative strategies that drive meaningful results. We opened with just four Elementals, and we’re now running at full speed with a team of 45 super specialized, uber talented marketing experts. 

The Element Journey: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop 

  • 2003: Started from the bottom (for real, we were in a basement) 
  • 2004: Secured a new, above ground office space with retention pond view  
  • 2005: Internet pioneers! Launched first website and did not get dysentery  
  • 2006: Total Brand Chemistry invented: our winning formula for marketing success 
  • 2007: Stoli the hamster joined the team … Get Real Wheel 
  • 2008: Doubled in size (in a good way) reaching a total of 10 Elementals  
  • 2009: Launched social media as a service … show us the love with a like 
  • 2010: Built our current digs at 2081 Profit Place (we were fond of the pond) 
  • 2011: Launched first app – Houston, we don’t have a problem  
  • 2012: Canuck the Moose added a bit of Canadian charm, eh?  
  • 2013: Started serving local beer on tap to pair with the creative ideas we brewed up … cheers! 
  • 2014: Turned synchronized stapler tossing into a *real* sport at the first Office Olympics 
  • 2015: Read all about it! Public Relations added as an official new service 
  • 2016: Went from marketing masters to brew masters with the release of Proof 
  • 2017: Hired our first data analyst, fueling our near Fatal Attraction-like obsession with results 
  • 2018: Introduced fully integrated marketing. Interested? Learn more here
  • 2019: Secured the next generation of Elementals with the start of Element’s very own Baby Boom 
  • 2020: Celebrated the first Elemental to retire … with a gladiator battle competition, of course 
  • 2021: Crossed state lines with our first fully remote, out-of-state Elemental 
  • 2022: The pandemic hit hard, but we continued hitting goals for clients and came out stronger 
  • 2023: Element keeps rockin’ and rollin’ … celebrating 20 years! 

Our journey is a testament to unwavering dedication from our remarkable team, distinguished by impressive growth even amidst the unprecedented times of both the Great Recession and the COVID-19 pandemic. Through it all, we stayed strong, adapted, welcomed change (even when it was scary), and had a heck of a time along the way. 

After 20 years, the key to our success boils down to collaborating with equally passionate partners to deliver outstanding work—and having a great time while we do it. Since the start, we’ve been laying the foundation to nurture and empower our team members—cultivating a dynamic culture that consistently delivers meaningful results for our clients. Period. We believe in our team because they represent the future generation of leaders. By empowering our people to be the best at their individual crafts, we can pour our heart and soul into partnerships with our clients. 

Speaking of our clients, their support, dedication, and collaboration have contributed greatly to our longevity. Truly, we could not have done what we’ve done—or continue to do what we do—without amazing partners like you. You are the real MVPs. 

Sarah Stieby, Fresh-Lock® Marketing Manager, long-time partner, and good friend said, “Element has been supporting the Fresh-Lock brand for 20 years. They helped me navigate the world of B2B marketing when I started my role almost 5 years ago and have been a vital extension of my team ever since.”  

As for our future … it’s so bright, we need shades. Our trajectory is set on a path of continual growth and innovation. This major milestone has energized our team to continue building on our momentum—blending experience, skill, and a passion for lifelong learning to create impactful work that boosts our clients’ bottom lines. 

Thank you to all who attended our 20th anniversary party. If you didn’t make it, know that you were missed. And with the magic of social media, you can feel like you were there. Check out the full album on Facebook 


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